Department of History, Philosophy, and Theology

Course Offerings

The central mission of the Department of History, Philosophy, and Theology is to produce graduates with the knowledge, critical thinking skills and desire for life-long learning to be leaders in their communities and on the global stage. Combining intensive reading and writing with seminar-based instruction, our classes provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the academic disciplines represented in the Department.

To learn more about the courses offered by the Department in various subject areas, please click on any of the following links. For the most updated information about course offerings, please consult the University course catalog and BenULive course schedule, or contact the Department.

Illuminated manuscriptHistory

Coursework in history provides insight into humanity and its present through study of the past, as well as they ways in which ideas and institutions have developed over time.



Courses in philosophy offer students the opportunity to consider vital human questions concerning reality, knowledge, and the meaning of goodness, value, truth, and beauty.

Stained glassTheology

Courses in Theology examine God and the God-human relationship in light of scripture, tradition, and reason.