Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

The Major and Minor in Global Studies

The Forbidden City, ChinaGlobal Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the forces that tie the world together. This involves analysis of the global connections of the past and careful attention to how these connections developed and changed over the centuries in response to economic and technological innovations. Recognizing pre-national, national, and post-national historical conditions, Global Studies focuses on the social, economic, cultural, and political processes that link disparate regions and localities to one another.

When you choose to major in Global Studies at Benedictine University, you will learn:

  • the social, economic, historical, cultural and intellectual traditions that inform various regions of the globe;
  • how to live, work, and participate in the interrelated and interdependent world of the twenty-first century;
  • how to apply disciplinary methodologies of analysis and research in global studies in their quantitative and qualitative dimensions;
  • how to communicate within and across academic disciplines and cultures;
  • how to confront moral and ethical issues facing the global community to develop a clear understanding of, and commitment to, personal values and beneficial change;
  • how to think critically about the tension between globalizing forces and those that promote regional and cultural identity.

How does the program work?

The interdisciplinary Global Studies major combines Benedictine’s unique cultural heritage sequence with classes from many disciplines to provide you with a broad liberal arts background that will prepare you to act as a responsible global citizen in the 21st century. The program also allows you to choose one of four areas of concentration: Latin American, American, Middle East, or Mediterranean studies.

Two lower-division courses introduce all Global Studies students (regardless of the chosen concentration) to the theoretical and research tools needed to pursue interdisciplinary global studies. In turn, a junior year seminar treats specific issues of global concern (e.g., poverty, AIDS, hunger, and global economics) and a senior capstone course allows majors to do guided research on a topic of interest. Because these courses enable Global Studies majors and minors to interact with peers studying different areas of concentration, a comparative approach is encouraged throughout the program.

Students choose courses that provide a thorough understanding of the societies in their chosen area of concentration. They are especially encouraged to view their selected area of concentration from a global perspective, allowing them to better relate their knowledge of their area to the larger trends and issues that affect the contemporary world.

Students in class

Requirements for the major in Global Studies

The Global Studies major allows students to choose one of four areas of concentration: Latin American, American, Middle East or Mediterranean studies. Core elective courses from the program also count toward the major.

Students must complete 36 hours within the major outside of core electives with a grade of "C" or better, with at least 9 hours at the 300 level. These courses must include GLBS 101, GLBS 102, GLBS 300, and GLBS 399. Students must also complete 12 hours of foreign language coursework and take part in a study abroad experience.

The following core elective courses are also recommended:

  • ANTH 208 (The Anthropology of the Third World)
  • ECON 101 (Principles of Macroeconomics) or INTB 101 (The Global Economy)
  • MUSI 207 (World Music)
  • PHIL 230 (Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy)
  • PLSC 210 (Introduction to International Relations)
  • RELS 130 (Abrahamic Traditions) and RELS 285 (Religion in America)

Requirements for the minor in Global Studies

Global studies minors are required to complete 21 hours to include the following: GLBS 101, GLBS 102, GLBS 300, plus 12 hours within the chosen area concentration, three of which must be at the 300 level.