Department of Languages and Literature

English for Academic Purposes

TutoringAdministered through Benedictine University's Department of Languages and Literature in consultation with the University's Office of International Programs and Services, the program in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) offers language support to undergraduate and graduate students for whom English is not a native or first language. Program coursework prepares students for success by supporting and clarifying the expectations and instructional methods of American higher education, as well as by helping students practice advanced language and study skills specific to their educational goals.

Student enrollment in Benedictine's EAP Program is based on the recommendation of their academic advisors or the Office of International Programs and Services. Students are tested by the Program's EAP specialists and, depending on the results of the assessment, may then be placed in the program and its courses.

Program Faculty and Staff

Dr. Sandra Gollin Kies, EAP faculty


Dr. Olga D. Lambert, EAP faculty


Dr. Rafael Iglesias, Department Chair



About the Program

The EAP Program focuses on two principles essential to effective skills transfer: transparency of teaching goals and methods, and practical, skill-building coursework. Academic Discourse classes and workshops, taught by specialists, provide students with opportunities for one-on-one and small-group instruction that promote individual and discipline-specific development. Students receive structured assistance within the context of their majors or programs of study. Designated sections of regular coursework support cohort formation and provide an introduction to the Benedictine University community and intellectual tradition.

Upon successful completion of the EAP Program, students will demonstrate not only improved oral and written fluency and comprehension in advanced English-language situations, but also preparation to apply the standards and practices of American higher education to their chosen profession.

To learn more about what the EAP Program can offer undergraduates and graduate students in its Academic Discourse for Undergraduates (ADU) and Academic Discourse for Graduate Students (ADG) courses, visit the EAP Course description page.

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