Department of Languages and Literature

The M.A. in Linguistics: Literary Studies Concentration

The literary studies concentration in the M.A. in Linguistics program allows students to pursue advanced coursework and research with special focus on the application of linguistics to literature, either in English or in translation, and global cultural studies.  Students will gain a nuanced understanding of the nature of language in literary and related contexts through a specialized study of either critical/global literary theory, stylistics, or literature in a language other than English.

The program will be of particular interest to those who work in intercultural or multilingual contexts, for example teachers or military personnel. The program is also appropriate for those seeking a linguistics degree combined with study of "critical languages" such as Chinese or Arabic.

Program of study

Required courses:

  • LING 501: Introduction to Linguistics
  • LING 507: Modern English
  • LING 509: Literatures and Issues in Translation
  • LING 530: Research methods: Context Studies
  • LING 599: MA Thesis
  • one of the following courses: LING 508 (Style), LING 535 (Critical Theory/Global Literary Theory), LING 537 (Advanced Literary Studies in a Language Other than English)

Elective courses (choose 2):

  • LING 502 Second Language Acquisition
  • LING 505: Sociocultural Studies in ESL
  • LING 522: Issues in Second Language Writing
  • LING 523: English for Specific Purposes

For more information on these courses, please see about the Department's curriculum page for Linguistics.