Dept. of Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice

Course Offerings

To learn more about the undergraduate courses offered by the Department in various subject areas, please click on any of the following links. For information about graduate courses offered by the Master of Science program in Clinical Psychology, please click here.

For the most updated information about course offerings, please consult the University course catalog and BenULive course schedule at the Office of the Registrar website, or contact the Department.

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Courses in anthropology offer in-depth study of human beings in all times and in all places, both culturally and physically, and introduce key theories and concepts fundamental to anthropological research.

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Criminal Justice

Criminal justice classes focus on how the various elements of the criminal justice system work together. Coursework in this area also examines the political, social and cultural forces that shape the criminal justice system.

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Psychology courses enable students to learn the foundational principles of psychology, statistics, and research methods, while also gaining practical experience in clinical and experimental labs.



Courses in sociology offer insight into how people organize themselves and behave in society, while also teaching statistical and research methods in the field.