Department of Psychology and Sociology

Undergraduate Majors and Minors

In addition to its M.S. program in clinical psychology, the Department of Psychology and Sociology offers undergraduate programs of study in the following areas:

Anthropology minor only

The comparative study of human societies and cultures and their development and change, anthropology encompasses a diversity of fields and subfields, including archaeology; ethnology; and cultural, physical, forensic, philosophical, and social anthropology.

Criminal Justice major only

Criminal justice is the scientific study of the various ways in which the components of the criminal justice system work together, ranging from the creation of laws to the treatment of those who violate laws.

Life Span Services minor only

With its attention to the cultural, psychological, and sociological forces that affect the aging process, the Life Span Services minor prepares students to work effectively with older adults, their families, and their caregivers.

Psychology major and minor

The discipline of psychology studies the behavior of individuals, groups, organizations, and society as a whole. Coursework in the field offers students insight into key theories of psychology, as well as how those theories may be applied in real-world situations.

Social Work minor only

The social work minor provides insight into individual development and behavior across the life span as well as interactions among families, groups, and communities.

Sociology major and minor

Focusing on how people organize themselves and behave in society, sociology enables students to gain a cross-cultural perspective on human behavior as well as learn the statistical and research methods used by professionals in the field.

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