Department of Psychology and Sociology

The Minor in Social Work

HandsThe minor in Social Work enables interested undergraduate students to study individual development and behavior across the life span as well as understand interactions among families, groups, and communities. Program coursework provides a curriculum that prepares students for entry-level positions in the fields of mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and substance abuse, in addition to offering excellent preparation for graduate study in social work. The curriculum also includes a required field experience, allowing minors to explore, in a practical, supervised environment, the vast array of professional possibilities in the field of social work.


Minor Requirements

A Social Work minor consists of 25 hours of courses, including the following: 

  • SOCL 265: Introduction to Social Work
  • SOCL 270: Marriage and Family
  • SOCL 301: Social Welfare Systems
  • SOCL 356: Clinical Practical Lab (required for field placement)
  • SOCL 392: Social Work Field Placement
  • PSYC 202 (Adulthood and Aging) or SOCL 310 (Social, Psychological, and Cultural Aspects of Aging)
  • SOCL 306: Correctional Systems
  • one of the following sociology electives
    • SOCL 210: Social Psychology
    • SOCL 231: Medical Sociology
    • SOCL 240: Social Problems
    • SOCL 245: Alcohol Problems and Alcoholism
    • SOCL 290: Social and Cultural Change
      NOTE: for non-sociology majors, the elective course taken must be SOCL 350 (Social Theory).