The Scholars Program



We welcome you as a candidate to Benedictine University's Scholars Program. Please complete this application fully and thoughtfully.  We will advise you within approximately three weeks whether or not you will be invited for an interview. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Scholars Program Assistant.

Note: prior to completing and submitting this application, please review the Admission to the Program page to see when applications are being accepted.


List ACT subscores (English, mathematics, reading, science, combined English/writing) or SAT subscores (critical reading, mathematics, writing)
Please list the extra-curricular activities (such as student clubs or sports) in which you have participated in high school (and college/community college, if you are not an incoming freshman).

Write a paragraph (250-300 words) describing your creative interests and leisure activities (such as art, music, dance, writing, blogging, travel) and what these might enable you to contribute to the Scholars Program.

The Scholars Program aims to provide students with an enhanced liberal arts education, and thus requires them to engage in coursework and activities beyond those of the major and of the standard general education program. Review the “Program Requirements” page and write a paragraph (250-300 words) explaining how you might meet the unique Scholars Program requirements and what you believe completing these requirements might contribute to your education and experience at Benedictine University.
Developing students’ global awareness is a particular focus of the Scholars Program. To demonstrate your current global awareness, write an essay (600-1000 words) in which you identify a global issue/problem and discuss what has been done to address the issue/problem and how it affects/impacts your community on a local level. Be specific and concrete.

An intensive immersion in the liberal arts tradition designed for academically gifted students, with a special emphasis on the exploration of diverse issues in literature, philosophy, world history, and more.