BenU Faculty since 2007
Research Associate, Northwestern University/Children's Memorial Hospital (1999-2000)
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago (1997-1999)
Ph.D., Northwestern University (1997)
B.S., Northwestern College (IA) (1992)

Courses Taught
Principles of Biology, Principles of Biology Laboratory, Cell Biology, Molecular Pharmacology

Awards and Recognitions
Dean's Award for Research 2010

Research Area
Molecular Pharmacology; G-protein Coupled Receptor Signaling Pathways in Disease; Evolution and Evangelicals

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Current Research Project
McCune-Albright Syndrome is a genetic disease caused by a mutation that permanently activates the Gs alpha protein in cells. Previous work in the laboratory identified several secondary mutation in the G alpha gene of yeast that can reverse the permanent activation caused by the MAS mutation. Summer students will systematically introduce the homologous amino acid substitutions into the human Gs alpha gene to investigate the structural requirements for inactivating the McCune-Albright mutation. The work will involve site-directed mutagenesis, mammalian cell culture and transfection, western blotting, ELISA assays, and microscopy. Students may also work on microarray experiments that identify gene expression changes in human osteoblasts that are associated with activation of the Gs protein.                   

Recent Publications
Please click here for a list of Dr. Rylaarsdam's publications

Robin Rylaarsdam, Ph.D.

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