Preston Aldrich, Ph.D. - Network and Systems Biology; DNA Linguistics; Plant Molecular Ecology; Scientometrics and Philosophy of Science, Wittgenstein

Tim Comar - Hyperbolic manifolds, Kleinian groups, topology, and the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics

Pedro Del Corral - Primary: Endocrinology and energy metabolism at rest. Secondary: Endocrinology and energy metabolism during exercise; Preventive Medicine. Current: Endocrinology and energy metabolism in humans with particular reference to exercise. Within this context, most interested in the HPA-axis as well as in substrate utilization and energy balance in health and disease populations (i.e., diabetes, obesity, adrenal disorders).

Anthony DeLegge - Math biology, including ecological problems with financial analogs and epidemiology

James Fackenthal

Edward Ferroni - Organophosphate ester synthesis; chemistry of rabbit muscle aldolase

Leigh Anne Harden - physiological ecology, environmental physiology, aquatic ecology, herpetology, thermal biology, spatial ecology, wildlife conservation and outreach

Cheryl Heinz - Plant-insect interactions, behavioral and chemical ecology, butterflies and other insects

Lawrence Kamin - Biostatistics; Illinois Tallgrass Prairies

Manu Kaur - Functional analysis, operator theory and cyptology; use of technology in mathematics education

Casey Larsen

Brooks Maki - Organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry, catalysis, nucleophilic fluorination, medicinal chemistry

Tim Marin - Radiation chemistry, spectroscopy, photophysics, electron-transfer processes, chemical and physical properties of water

Alfred Martin - Reproductive and developmental biology; integration of science with religion and the humanities

Cheryl Mascarenhas - Making molecules through organic transformations that incorporate the use of environmentally-benign organic catalysts

Robert McCarthy - Evolution of human speech and language; growth and development of the primate and hominin skull, geometric morphometrics; comparative methods and primate life history

Jeremy Nadolski - Mixture Modeling, Functional Data Analysis, and Computational Statistics

Philip Novack-Gottshall - paleobiology; comparative paleoecology; body size evolution and macroecology; morphometrics; marine invertebrates

Tiara Peres Morales -Bacterial cell-cell communication, protein-peptide interactions, microbial genetics and pathogenesis.

Niina Ronkainen - The development of electrochemical biosensors for clinical, industrial and environmental applications. Studying the immobilization strategies for the biorecognition components such as enzymes in biosensors

Robin Pals Rylaarsdam - Molecular Pharmacology; G-protein Coupled Receptor Signaling Pathways in Disease; Evolution and Evangelicals

Jayashree Sarathy - My research interests are to elucidate, at a molecular level, the processes that modulate ion transport across epithelial cells

Lee Ann Smith - Aging, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Drosophila, RNA Processing

Stefan Stefanoski -

Kari Stone, Ph.D. - Bioinorganic Chemistry, Redox-Active Ligands, Nitrogen Group Transfer, Catalysis

Monica Tischler - Microbial ecology

Tom Wangler - Dynamical systems, chaos theory, and quantitative literacy; In the past he has worked with the NASA-JOVE program on mathematical modeling of solid-state laser systems and their application to remote sensing.

Andrew Wig - Scanning Probe Microscopy, Optical Tweezers, Physics Education, Outreach

Allison Wilson - Cellular Physiology of Environmental Estrogens on Bone Cells

Ellen Ziliak - Computational Group Theory, Graph Theory, Number Theory and the use of technology in the classroom

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Dr. Marin reseaching



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