One thing we have learned over the years is that making videos is a lot like a college career. They both require teamwork. You can’t do it alone, either as a video producer or as a student. You need help. That’s why our videos are designed to help you.

Some are made strictly to inform, like the “Academic Excellence.” Others are designed give you a little flavor of the school, like “You Are Benedictine.”

Videos like “Imma B,” “Who’s That Chick” and “Take on B” are meant to entertain (yes, college can be fun). While others, like “BenFest 2012” and “Homecoming 2012” describe some of the events happening on campus.

Just like there’s nothing ordinary about making a video, there’s nothing ordinary about a college career. That’s why at Benedictine University, we reach beyond the ordinary. We defy predictable.

Something to Talk About
Admitted Student Packet
Benedictine University Library
A Sneak Peek of Campus
A Message from an Alum
Imma B
Study Abroad Programs
BenFest 2012 - Neon Trees
Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum
A Message for Freshmen
Picture Yourself Here
Who's That Chick
BenBash 2012 - Cobra Starship
Career Development
The Fitness Center
A Message for Transfer Students
Take on B
You Are Benedictine
Financial Aid Myths