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The Department of Political Science provides rigorous and well-rounded undergraduate training in Pre-law, American Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Relations.

Each year since the late 1960s, Benedictine University has sent students to the National Model United Nations Conference in New York city.  Under the direction and tutelage of Dr. Joel M. Ostrow, Political Science department professor and chair, students prepare for the MUN simulation by enrolling in  PLSC- 215 and engaging in many weeks of rigorous preparation.  Only four other universities have comparable records of consistent participation and accomplishment at the Model UN Conference. 

Schools wishing to participate in the National Model UN Conference must submit an application to the National Collegiate Conference Association (NCAA), which runs the conference.  The organizers assign each school a country to represent in a week-long simulation of a United Nations session.  Students then must learn, in an intense and compressed time-period, how to become diplomats of the country they represent.  Student participants are assigned to sit on the committees on which their country actually sits.  The NCAA selects three topics before that committee for the weeks' agenda.  It then becomes the students' task to become experts on their three topics, and to develop positions consistent with their country's foreign policy and security interests. 

During the conference, students are judged according to their expertise on the topics, their participation in their committees' efforts to arrive at constructive solutions to these problems and their success at remaining "in character" as diplomats of their assigned countries throughout the week.  The team's performance becomes a summation of those individual performances in the committee. 

Students must also learn skills of diplomacy including public speaking, negotiation and policy-making.  They learn the rules of parliamentary procedure and how to craft United Nations resolutions, declarations, reports and other policy instruments.  But above all, they learn how to be diplomats and to faithfully represent their country's positions, even when those positions collide with their own personal political views. 

Benedictine generously covers the substantial conference registration and hotel costs, while students must pay for airfare and incidental expenses in New York.  To offset costs and to guard against financial concerns preventing a student from participating, Timothy Greene and John Greene Realtor have established the Diplomacy in Action Sponsorship Program, to fund Model UN students based on financial need.

For more information about Model United Nations, please contact Dr. Joel M. Ostrow at, or at (630) 829-6470.

2011 Model United Nations Conference Participants:

Student Leaders and Head DelegatesThais Molina and Ismail Dogar

  • Daanish Ashraf                 
  • Giancarlo Chavesz          
  • Ana Gonzalez                   
  • Andrea Coutu                   
  • Marion Deloly                   
  • Jorge Hurtado                  
  • Samantha Jones              
  • Kelly Katzmayr                 
  • Amr Kawji                          
  • Najeeb Khan                     
  • Sandy Kim                          
  • Charlie Lefebvre
  • Kelly Long
  • Ryan Mathew   
  • Michelle Muriel
  • Meaghan Olsen
  • Lucille Ract
  • Mujtaba Rashid
  • Lauriine Rose-Picot
  • Jessica Singh
  • Ivana Sreckov
  • Kathleen Thomas
  • Kevin Webster
  • Xiaohui Sia


Amr Kawji

Amr Kawji

Thais Molina, Dr. Joel Ostrow, and Amr Kawji, and the remaining BU delegates at the 2011 MUN simulation in New York.

Thais Molina, Dr. Joel Ostrow, and Amr Kawji, and the remaining BU delegates at the 2011 MUN simulation in New York.

Benedictine University students participated in the 2011 Model United Nations simulation in New York.  This year's delegation represented China during the simulation.

Benedictine University students participated in the 2011 Model United Nations simulation in New York. This year’s delegation represented China during the simulation.

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