Dr. Edith Bell
Degree Level/Concentration: Ph.D., Capella University (MN) in education with the specialization of training and performance improvement; M.B.A., Aurora University (IL); B.S., Elmhurst College (IL) in business administration; B.A., Lincoln University (MO) in English


Professtional Background:
Dr. Bell is principal consultant for Bell Design Technologies, Inc., and provides more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise in performance improvement. She focuses on working with clients to explain clearly the why, what, and how of their businesses by (a) documenting policies, processes, and procedures; (b) developing new or enhancing existing documentation systems; (c) designing and implementing associated support tools and systems; or (d) offering learning events to teach clients how to build effective and efficient documentation hierarchies.


Dr. Bell is a certified performance technologist. This designation is awarded by the International Society for Performance Improvement to experienced practitioners in the field of organizational performance improvement who submit client testimony and documented evidence to ISPI that demonstrate expert application of ISPIís standards of performance and code of conduct.


Her primary research interests are (a) the perception by employees (especially across generational dimensions) of their work environment, and its influence on selection, design, and development of performance improvement solutions; and (b) how the design of effective and efficient documentation infrastructures contributes to performance improvement at the organizational, process, and employee levels.