Susan Yazdanmehr, MD
Phone: 630-789-8128
Degree Level/Concentration: Doctoral degree in Medicine (MD)


Professional Background:
Welcome to “Impact of Nutrition”; NUTR-100. It is my pleasure teaching this course. I look forward to learn about each one of you and your education/experiences. First, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Susan Yazdanmehr. I am a physician with a strong passion to learn and to teach. I find treating/healing individual patients rewarding; but nothing would compare to prevention, in my opinion.

Practice of public health and active contribution to reinforcement of preventive measures allow professionals to improve quality of life for a larger population effectively and efficiently. Having that point of view encouraged me to pursue Master of Public Health. I became specifically interested in “Environmental Health” during my education in Public Health.

Over years of education and work experience, I am convinced that the science of Nutrition holds the key to good health and prevention. Beside daily simple pleasure of delicious meals and snacks, normal growth and development of children (physical, mental, and intellectual); support of growth and health in adults; and cancer prevention are all closely associated with a balanced nutrition.

I have a broad work experience; and I hope it would be beneficial to you as I share them over the course. I have experience in research in area of “sleep apnea”; patient educator in allergy and asthma (so related to our nutrition and environment!); general internship in medicine; family practice residency; teaching classroom lectures and on-line courses in Human Diseases, Environmental Health, Nutrition, and Biology of Women. I have also few years of experience in bedside teaching to medical students as part of medical internship and residency.