BU's M.S.C.E.P. program is the only graduate-level program in Illinois to be endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine.
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MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology
Community Testing Program

The Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology program is a two-year, adult evening program designed in accordance with the American College of Sports Medicine for certification as a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

This program is offered by the Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology Program

We offer state of the art testing in our physiology lab.  We test not only seasoned athletes but also those who wish to start an exercise program but are confused as to what level of effort or target heart rate they should try to attain.  We also complement the services of nutritionists and dieticians by offering resting metabolic rate testing.  Our research-grade equipment measures actual oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide output instead of making assumptions about substrate utilization like the less expensive equipment often found in health clubs.

Our testing options include:

Maximal Oxygen Uptake (VO2max) which measures your capacity for delivering and utilizing oxygen during maximal exertion.  While genetic determines a portion of your aerobic capacity, there is plenty you can do to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to your working muscles.  More oxygen means more energy which translates to more miles, power or speed.  The results of this test are specific to you and enable you to establish training intensities or zones to condition your body for optimal performance.  We have the option to monitor the electrical activity of your heart during this test via EKG if your medical history warrants it.
Standard VO2max test is $125.  VO2max test with EKG monitoring is $150.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) assesses how much energy you burn at rest.  RMR is invaluable in accurately determining the number of calories necessary to fuel a day's activity as well as to assist in weight loss efforts.
RMR test is $50.

Body Composition using bioelectrical impedance sends a very slight electrical current through your body to determine your muscle versus fat mass.  The goal of any weight loss program is to maintain your muscle mass as that is what burns the most calories every day.  In addition, measurement of your body composition can guide your weight training program as well as measure the progress of your weight loss efforts.
Included free with VO2max and RMR tests! Regular fee is $20.

To find out more information or to schedule your test, please contact:
Regina Schurman, Ed.D., RCEP at 630-764-7768 or (preferred).

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