BU's M.S.C.E.P. program is the only graduate-level program in Illinois to be endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine.
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MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology
Course Sequence
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Successful completion of the Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology is awarded after passing an academic/competency skill exam offered as a part of Lab IV.  Students are encouraged to sit for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certification exam after completion of the program. Recommended course sequence can be modified to the special needs of a student completing prerequisite classes in the first year.

Year One Year Two
Fall Fall
EXPH 560 Advanced Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology 3 EXPH 662 Advanced Exercise Physiology 3
EXPH 580 Current Topics in Exercise Physiology 2 EXPH 663 Exercise Pharmacology 3
EXPH 521 Exercise Physiology Lab I - Fitness Testing 1 EXPH 690 Internship 2
                                 (opportunity to finish prerequisites)
Spring Spring
EXPH 561 Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology and Prevention 3 EXPH 664 Special Populations 3
EXPH 591 Exercise Biochemistry and Metabolism 3 NUTR 542 Applied Nutritional Physiology 3
EXPH 522 Exercise Physiology Lab II - EKG 1 EXPH 690 Internship 2
Summer Summer
EXPH 623 Exercise Physiology Lab III - Graded Exercise Testing 2 EXPH 624 Exercise Physiology Lab IV - Comprehensive Exam 1
EXPH 681 Behavior Modification and Preventative Complementary Health 3 EXPH 684 Program Development and Administration 3
EXPH 685 Laboratory Ethics/Laboratory Procedures 2      

In order to enhance the professional development of students, a degree completion requirement is membership in a professional society related to clinical exercise physiology and/or attendance at a regional or national meeting of one of those societies. A list of recognized societies may be obtained from the program website.

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