BU's M.S.C.E.P. program is the only graduate-level program in Illinois to be endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine.
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MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology
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The Human Physiology Lab at Benedictine University is well equipped with the latest technology to assess the physiological performance of individuals. This laboratory enhances the coursework in the MSCEP program as well as allows us to provide testing services to community members.

Maximal exercise testing is conducted by the use of a ParvoMedics TrueMax 2400™ Metabolic Measurement System. This system is also used to conduct resting metabolic rate testing. ECG monitoring during exercise testing is conducted with a Motara X-Scribe system that allows tests to be reviewed and sent to physicians for further follow-up. Additional equipment in our laboratory includes:

  • Woodway treadmill
  • Velotron computer controlled, precision electronic bicycle ergometer
  • Lode Corvial Recumbent Cycle Ergometer
  • Monark Cycle Ergometer                            
  • LifeFitness 9500HR Elliptical
  • New Leaf metabolic measurement system
  • InBody 520 Body Composition Analyzer which performs segmental body composition analysis
  • Hydrostatic underwater weighing tank
  • CorTemp ingestible core body temperature sensor system
  • SunTech Pro Ambulatory Blood Pressure System
  • emWave by HeartMath for measurement of heartrate variability
  • Cholestek LDX system for lipid panels and measurement of HsCRP
  • Ascencia Contour Blood Glucose measurement system
  • Lactate Plus Lactate Meter
  • Kinetisense sytem to measure EMG, linear acceleration and angular velocity
  • AD Instruments PowerLab 26T Teaching system


Exercise Physiology Lab