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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs in the College of Science


Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology (MSCEP)

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Clinical Exercise Physiology program is part of the Department of Biological Sciences at Benedictine University. The curriculum was developed with the input of an advisory committee composed of practicing clinical exercise physiology professionals and in accordance with the guidelines designated by the American College of Sports Medicine. The program is based on the Benedictine philosophy that a person is spirit, mind and body, and that the realization of human potential is based on an integration of the three components.

Graduates from this program can be found in a variety of leadership roles in many professional settings including hospitals, independent cardiac rehabilitation programs, agencies, schools, corporations and health clubs. In addition to professional preparation, the program also provides an excellent educational background for those who wish to pursue further study at medical school or the doctorate level.

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Master of Science in Science Content and Process (MSSCP)

The Master of Science in Science Content and Process program provides K-9 teachers and other science educators integrated content knowledge in general science by utilizing the resources of the local scientific community. Participants will use the pedagogy of inquiry-based learning and knowledge of technology to create an effective teaching/learning environment for science education. This program is intended for those teachers who want to increase their science knowledge and confidence in science teaching.

Designed for the working professional, the degree program is taught in a learning team model and meets evenings and some Saturdays during the academic year. Day courses take place during the summer. Teachers can manage full-time employment while completing the degree in two years. Each new learning team begins in June.

There is only one learning team of 24 students each year. Admission to the program must be completed before the first course begins in June. Applicants must hold a valid teaching certificate or work as a science educator.

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