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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
BMB Pre-Meds

Faith and reason are compatible in the search for truth. This belief informs the Benedictine approach to the sciences. We help students develop a greater appreciation for this balance through programs that enable students to draw from different fields of knowledge, to ask questions, and to solve problems.


a.    MCAT link

b.    Diabetes Stories

c.    Online Biomedical Book Library

d.    Cyberchondria: Studies of the Escalation of Medical Concerns in 
        Web Search

e.    Stem Cell Tutorial

f.     History of Medicine

g.    National Organization for Rare Disorders

h.    See BU pre-med advisor freshman year – Ms. Sima

i.      Read!!

j.      Get good grades – Know your limitations

k.    MCAT review books – start practicing verbal reasoning questions

          i.    Do one passage a day or week over break, etc.

          ii.    Become familiar with timing of exam way to think.

l.      As BMB major should take anatomy and physiology as electives

m.   Take the medical practicum