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Computer Science & Information Systems


The fastest algorithm can frequently be replaced by one that is almost as fast and much easier to understand.

- D. Jones

The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems offers two undergraduate degrees, a B.S. degree in Computer Science and a B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems. The programs allow the student to develop a solid foundation in problem solving, algorithm development, the structuring of data, and computer organization. Computer Science majors concentrate on the theory and applications of computers, whereas, Information Systems majors concentrate on the application of computers to business.

The Computer Science and Information Systems Department of Benedictine University participates in the MSDN Academic Alliance Program (MSDNAA).

History of the Department

Academic computing at Benedictine began in 1970 when Fr. Richard Shonka, O.S.B. received a National Science Foundation grant to secure a Hewlett Packard mini computer. The Computer Science major was first offered in 1978-79, although many of the courses had been offered previously as specialties within the Mathematics program. The photograph at the right, taken in 1989, shows computer science faculty Dr. Ralph Meeker, Dr. John Cicero and Dr. Dan Nohl (standing L to R) and Ms. Eileen Clark (seated). They are gathered at the operator's console of the Unix based time-sharing system that provided primary support for academic computing at the time.

Comp Sci dept 1989

Comp Sci Dept 2007

Dr. Cicero accepted the position of dean of Roosevelt University's Evelyn T. Stone University College, after having served as dean of academic affairs at Springfield College Benedictine University and dean of the College of Business, Technology and Professional Programs at Benedictine. Dr. Meeker, Dr. Nohl and Ms. Clark are shown in a current photo at one of the dual boot Windows/Linux workstations housed in the Computer Research Laboratory.


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