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Discovery & Innovation.

Science is the search for answers. In the College of Science at Benedictine University, that search has led to groundbreaking work in complex issues facing our society, including environmental science. The College's faculty & students have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and cuttingedge technology, which allows for discovery in the classroom. Our students will go on to become doctors, physicists, STEM educators and environmental scholars (to name a few!) that will serve many generations to come. Our faculty, students, and alumni in the College of Science, know firsthand how quickly technology and science equipment becomes outdated. Now, more than ever we face challenges of keeping our classrooms current and our technology ahead of the game so that we can offer our students a top rate education.

With your support, we can keep our classrooms functioning at their maximum capacity. Giving back to the College of Science secures the best learning environment for our students, and creates opportunities for discovery and innovation that are endless.