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Applications for the Summer Research 2014
February 7 - March 10
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Summer Research

"Researching is something I won't forget," wrote one student in an independent survey."I actually want to pursue a Ph.D. /M.D. now because of this. I'm really excited to move on! I learned so much and gained a lot of skills that will be useful to me for my academic career."

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Summer Research Expands Learning Opportunities

Summer research offers Benedictine students the opportunity to expand their knowledge, hone laboratory skills and gain hands-on experience by working closely with faculty on a variety of scientific research projects. "My love for math was rediscovered," a student said in an independent survey. " I had the greatest time during my experiences and can't wait to continue my work. The University's willingness to help further projects and support such research has been remarkable and amazing - and I am certainly very grateful. "

Through the program students work one-on-one with College of Science faculty on scientific research projects.  This 10-week experience includes a $3,300 stipend and a weekly lunch seminar where students have the occasion to present their research findings to a supportive audience of faculty and peers.  Later, students present their findings at local and regional conferences, with some even attending national conferences.

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