About Us

The Office of Campus Planning and Construction Management manages the built environment of the University, focusing on the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of all buildings while successfully upholding the University's mission.

Our Goals:
  • Respond to high-priority issues facing the built environment of the University in a progressive and proactive method.
  • Conduct all projects and operational objectives in a method that will positively impact our students.
  • Approach each challenge with a balance of financial discipline, environmental responsibility, and long-term sustainability.
  • Create a professional environment conducive to promoting teamwork among faculty, staff, and students, while upholding the University's mission statement.
Our Purpose and Objectives:
  • Project Management
  • Professional Services Management
  • University Planning & Implementation
  • Occupancy Management
  • Code Enforcement
  • Facilities Standards
  • Furniture Procurement Services
  • Facility Asset Management & Capital Planning
  • Computer Aided Design Services (AutoCAD)
  • Campus Signage Program