Furniture Standards & Guidelines

All furniture purchases on campus are facilitated by CPDCM.  By establishing campus furniture standards, a consistent approach to cost, quality, design and health and safety issues is maintained.  Furniture selection is based on several factors; industry standards, availability of products, aesthetics, and warranty information.  Standard guidelines also help maintain a consistent approach to cost, quality, design and health and safety issues. 

Industry Standards

Our department's first priority in selecting furniture is to ensure that the products we choose meet all standards that apply in regards to  public health, safety and welfare, as well as life cycle costs and durability.

Availability of Products

We are constantly making decisions in the best interest of the University.  In keeping with this idea, furniture is purchased that is durable and can withstand commercial use.  Furniture lines that provide various options for future growth are chosen.  By specifying furniture with a broad coordinating product line, we are able to ensure that the University's assets are utilized to their full potential.


When purchasing furniture, aesthetics are an important factor.  As the University moves forward, our goal is to present the campus in a polished, cohesive manner.  By working within campus standards, the University as a whole feels collected and unified.  Furniture specified should be up-to-date and sensible, while remaining timeless to withstand changing trends and University growth.


Warranty coverage is another important factor in furniture selection.  With the heavy use that most of the furniture on campus receives, a  good warranty is critical in ensuring that University assets work hard for the campus community.

Campus Standard Desk Chair

Liberty Chair by Humanscale

Product Care