Parking Garage

On January 18, 2010, Benedictine University opened up a 427-spot, three-story, $7.8 million parking garage.  This 148,733 square foot facility helped to alleviate the parking congestion on campus caused by an ever growing enrollment. 

This facility was designed to blend in with the other buildings on campus and was constructed on an existing parking lot.  The construction of the parking garage required 344 pieces of precast that were raised in 16 days. The heaviest piece weighing in at 60,000 pounds.  The parking garage has 184 light fixtures, 29 security cameras and special hybrid and electric car parking spaces, and increased the campus parking capacity by 400 spaces.  The parking garage is home to the Benedictine University Police Department and the Department of Campus Services.

The management, design and construction of the parking garage was a partnership between the Department of Campus Planning, Design and Construction Management, DLR Architects and International Contractors (ICI).