Mail Room

Services Offered

  • Selling stamps individually or by the book.
  • Shipping of packages, both domestically and internationally, using Federal Express, UPS or USPS.
  • Processing of special mail services (certified mail, registered mail, insurance).  Please give the mail room staff 24-hours notice.
  • The use of a fax machine - fee based on destination
  • Working with students and staff to determine the most cost-efficient methods of delivery.
  • Assisting students and staff with shipping needs.

Residents' Mailboxes

Residents' mailboxes are located in Krasa Center 123.   Founders students need to contact Residence Life for instructions concerning Founders' Woods mailboxes. We ask for your security, that all packages be sent to the mail room at 5700 College Rd and addressed to you with the name Benedictine University has provided you with.

Approximate Time of Mail Distribution

Campus Mail is delivered between 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m daily.  Student mail will be delivered by 1:00 PM.  The delivery times are subject to change.

Hours for Courier Pickup

USPS - 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
UPS - 3:00 p.m.
Federal Express - 1:45 p.m.

3rd Class (Bulk Mailing) Procedures

When planning for a 3rd class (or bulk mailing), please allow enough time for mailing.  Third class is one of the slowest ways to send mail; that is one of the reasons the cost is low.  In addition, because of the discounted rate, mailers must adhere to restrictions and acceptance rules not applied to mail sent with First Class postage.

Preparing to send a third class mailing

  1. To get an estimate on the cost of your mailing, contact Direct Mail Solutions by email at providing them with the following information.
  2. A description of the item to be mailed.  For example, postcards, #10 envelopes with letter, etc, the piece dimensions (6x9, 4x6, etc.) and the number of pieces to be malied.  (If possible, scan a copy of the piece and attach it to the email or fax a copy to 630-653-7144).
  3. The actual or approximate date of the mailing you are sending.
  4. The name of the department sending the mailing, the name of a contact person with their email address and phone number.

Direct Mail Solutions will review the item to insure that it meets the standards required by the post office and will give you an approximate cost for mailing.  If you decide to proceed, Direct Mail Service will need your mailing list in an excel file so they can apply the names and addresses to the pieces.  You can email them the list as an attachment.

If your mailing is produced in-house (BU Copy Center), Direct Mail Solutions will come to the Mail Room to pick it up.  If it is designed through the BU Marketing and Communications Department and printed by an outside source, the pieces should be sent to Direct Mail Solutions from the printer (see address below).  Once Direct Mail Solutions has received the order and mailing list, they will address and apply the appropriate routing bar code to each piece.  The mailing is typically completed within three days.

Should you have questions or need further assistance, the contact person at Direct Mail Solutions is Jerry Gately, 630-653-6863 or


Direct Mail Solutions
775 Kimberly Drive
Carol Stream, IL  60188