All work begins with a completed print order form, which is your official authorization for us to commence work. Include all necessary information (i.e., work needed, date due, contact information and budget number to charge for services) on the form and submit 48-hours in advance.  Give the print order to the mail room personnel at the front counter or e-mail it to the Print Room.

Services Offered by the Print Room
  • Copying (black and white)
  • Color Copying
  • Binding (tape)
  • Transparencies
  • Collating
  • NCR printing
  • Padding
  • Cutting
  • Folding
  • Stapling
  • Paper Delivery Service (call Receiving at ext. 6433)
Job Turnaround Times

Note:  Impressions equal the number of copies times the number of originals.

Typical copying (up to 500 impressions)

24 hours

Typical copying (up to 10,000 impressions)

48 hours

Typical copying (i.e. folding, cutting, booklet making, binding, padding)

2 to 4 days

Large Document (typically over 10,000 impressions)

1 to 2 weeks

Bookstore and classroom modules (prior to each quarter)

At least 4 weeks

Color Copying

24 hours


1 to 2 weeks