Direct Loan Application Information

Benedictine University has joined thousands of other U.S. colleges and universities in the Federal Direct Student Loan Program. This means all Federal Stafford and PLUS loans will disburse directly from the federal government. Borrowers will benefit from up-front rebates, a stable source of funding, and loans that are never sold.

Federal Direct Loan Instructions

Plus Loans:

Direct Loan Disbursement Notifications

You receive your Federal Direct Loan disbursement notifications via your Benedictine e-mail account.  The notification includes: 

  • The date and amount of your disbursement(s);
  • Your right to cancel all or part of the loan or disbursement; and
  • The procedures and time by which you (or your parent) must notify the school that you wish to cancel the loan or disbursement.

If you would like a paper copy you may either:

  • Print the e-mail you receive, or
  • Send an e-mail request from your Benedictine account to our office ( after receiving the e-mail.

Question/concerns?  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid via e-mail or phone, 1-630-829-6100.

Private Loan Information

A private loan should be used to meet out of pocket expenses only when federal, state and institutional aid has been exhausted.  You are strongly encouraged to pursue the availability of free or lower-cost financial aid (including loans) by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

Once you have your Financial Aid Award Letter and have determined your need for additional funds to cover your out of pocket expenses, you may want to search for a parent or student private loan.  To assist you with your search, Benedictine has gathered a list of lenders that have historically provided quality products and services for our students and families. Keep in mind that you may use any lender that participates in private student lending. This list is available through our Loan Comparison Tool.

Financial Awareness Counseling Instructions
Self Certification Form - Private Loan

Choosing a Lender

For Students and Parents: Best Practices on Choosing Your Lender

When selecting a student loan provider, students and parents have a wide range of choices. Colleges and universities frequently develop a list of preferred lenders based on a careful evaluation of offerings, quality, price and service. A school's lender list can be a great starting point when looking for education funding options. It is always recommended that students and parents also do their own research regarding student loan lenders. The choice of lender is always up to you. Listed below are some of the criteria that you can use to select the lender that best meets your unique needs.

Best value & benefits to borrowers

Does the lender offer to pay fees on the student’s behalf?
Does the lender offer competitive rates and pricing?
Does the lender offer interest rate reductions and rebates?
How easy is it for students to earn and keep rate reductions and rebates?
Does the lender have a minimum income requirement?
Does the lender require repayment while in school?

Customer service investment

Does the lender recommend that students maximize their use of free aid and Federal loans before taking a private loan?
Can students and parents apply for loans online?
Does the lender offer life of loan servicing?
How convenient are the lender’s call center hours?
Does the lender offer Spanish-language support?
Can students access and manage their account online, 24/7?

Robust repayment options

Does the lender provide combined billing for both federal and private loans?
Does the lender provide counseling on deferment and forbearance options?
Are repayment calculators and other online tools available?
Does the lender provide a variety of federal and private loan repayment solutions?
Does the lender offer loan consolidation options?
Does the lender educate borrowers about effective debt management?

Experience & longevity

Is the lender a well-known, reputable company?
What is the lender’s track record in the industry?
Is the company’s focus on student loans?
How many customers have loans with this lender?
Is the lender financially sound and strong?

Borrower Benefits

Choosing the Right Borrower Benefits Program

Many lenders offer benefits programs to their student loan borrowers as an incentive to maintain a good payment history. Because each program may be just a bit different, it's sometimes difficult to determine the best option. Use the information here to help ensure you're asking the right questions when deciding which Borrower Benefits Program is right for you.

Benefits Offered May Include:

  • Reduced interest rate for on-time payments - your interest rate may be reduced by a certain percentage if you make your payments on time for a specified period of time, such as 12, 24 or 36 consecutive months.
  • Reduced interest rate for direct debit payments - your interest rate may be reduced by a certain percentage if you have your payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings account.
  • Rebate at time of payoff - you may eligible to receive a rebate of part of your loan balance at the time it's paid in full.
  • Rebate or loan credit for on-time payments - you may be eligible to receive a rebate of part of your loan balance, or a credit applied against the balance if you make your payments on time for a specified period of time set by the lender.
  • Waived or rebated fees - any applicable fees may be waived or paid by the lender or guarantor, or may be wholly or partially rebated.
  • Rebate or loan credit of fees - any applicable fees may be wholly or partially rebated, or the same amount applied as a credit to your loan balance when you enter repayment or other milestone set by your lender.
  • Lender makes last payment(s) - your lender may make the last one or several of your payments on your behalf, based on requirements set by the lender.
  • Principal reduction - you may qualify to have your balance reduced by a specified amount, if you meet conditions set by the lender.

Questions to Ask

  • What if my payment is late?
  • What is considered "late"? One day? Ten days? Other?
  • Is there a grace period for late payments which would still let me qualify for the benefit?
  • Must my payments be made according to my original payment schedule in order to qualify?
  • Can I/How can I regain eligibility for the benefit if I lose it?
  • What happens to my benefit if I receive a deferment or forbearance for my loan?
  • What if my lender sells my loan(s) to another lender or contracts with a servicer to service my loan(s)?
  • Will I be required to sign up for programs at the lending institution (e.g., e-mail subscription services, electronic deposit/payments/statements) in order to qualify for the benefit?
  • Must my application be "e-signed" in order to receive the benefit?
  • What it my account doesn't have sufficient funds to cover payments made by electronic debit?
  • How long will the benefit apply? The entire life of the loan or for only a specified period?
  • Does the benefit apply to all of my loans or just some of them?
  • If I consolidate my loan(s), will the benefit still apply? Is there a different benefit(s) for consolidation loans?
  • Is a waiver or payment of fee contingent on the guarantor used?What if I pay off my loan early?
  • Can the benefit change or be rescinded at a later point?
  • Will I receive a certificate or coupon that must be presented to receive benefits?
  • What percentage of borrowers qualifies for and actually receives borrower benefits?

Things to Remember

  • Compare all offered benefits to determine the best option for you.
  • Be sure to keep all of your student loan paperwork, including information about your borrower benefits program, in a central, easily-accessible location.
  • Information about borrower benefits may be printed in a brochure from your lender, and/or may be listed on their Web site. Be sure to keep dated copies of the applicable information.
  • When you finish college and begin repayment, make inquiries about when the benefits will begin and verify that what you were offered is what you're receiving.


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