Financial Aid Appeals

Reconsideration for Additional Financial Aid

Students who have exhausted all avenues for financial aid and have unforeseen and/or extenuating circumstances may submit an appeal to the Office of Financial Aid.  The Reconsideration for Additional Financial Aid application may be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid in person, by email, or by fax.

Applications for additional aid reconsideration will be reviewed and once a decision is made, notification will be sent to the student. Please note that funding is limited.

Professional Judgment

A financial aid professional may exercise professional judgment and change elements in the federal need analysis to account for circumstances that he/she feels have not been adequately considered in the original FAFSA. In addition, a financial aid professional may increase the "Cost of Attendance" to account for extraordinary expenses a student might acquire while attending the University.
Please note that all correspondence from our office will be sent by email. You are responsible for checking your Benedictine University Email account. If you do not use your Benedictine University Account, you should have your mail forwarded to an active account.

Conditions that may merit the use of Professional Judgment

Cost of Attendance Increase Requests

  • Computer Purchase: include the price of your computer in your "Cost of Attendance".
  • Extraordinary Educational Expense beyond those allowed in the student expense budget.
  • Dependent Child Care for children of independent students.
  • Rent and Utilities beyond those allowed in the student expense budget.
  • Travel Expenses beyond those allowed in the student expense budget.

Dependency Status Appeal Requests

  • Dependency Override: change of status from "dependent" to "independent ".
  • Emancipated Minor: provide proof that you are/were an emancipated minor.
  • Homeless/Risk of Being Homeless: provide proof of your homeless/risk of being homeless status.
  • Legal Guardianship: provide proof that you are/were in legal guardianship.
  • Orphan / Ward of the Court / Foster Care: provide proof that you were an orphan, ward of the court, or in foster care any time since you turned 13.
  • Proof of Legal Dependents: provide proof of support for your dependent(s), other than a spouse.

FAFSA Review Requests

  • Adjustment to your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) due to loss of income or benefits, extraordinary medical or dental expenses, separation or divorce.
  • Parent Attending College: include on the FAFSA the parent that is attending college at least half-time.
  • Unsubsidized Loan Request: for Dependent Student Without Parental Data on FAFSA.  

Office of Financial Aid
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