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Adult Accelerated Enrollment

Working adults desiring educational enrichment and advancement are choosing Benedictine University's Moser College of Adult and Professional Studies to help them achieve their goals. Our mission is to address the educational needs of adult students by developing and providing engaging, relevant and accelerated programs designed to enhance leadership skills and promote life-long learning. We are committed to providing high-quality, easily accessible educational opportunities for adult learners. The growing popularity of our programs and our continued partnerships with area businesses and school districts actively reflect this mission.

Through a unique accelerated curricular educational format, Moser College is designed to meet the needs of working adults whose schedules are too hectic for a traditional educational program. Benedictine University is celebrating its 125th year of commitment to our students, and its Adult Accelerated Enrollment staff is in its 13th year of dedicated service to our adult learners.

Who is Moser College?

Our staff is student-centered and service-oriented, understanding the specific educational needs of adult learners who are interested in receiving an associate, bachelor's or master's degree while continuing to keep their professional and personal commitments. Our programs are designed to work in unison with schedules and time constraints of working adults by combining theory with practice experience and offering our course material in a conveniently scheduled format.

Our Adjunct Faculty

Our instructors are experienced professionals who thoroughly understand the unique needs of adult learners and utilize a wide variety of instructional methods, including lecture, case studies, group activities, and role playing, to actively involve students in the learning process. Faculty members effectively combine their academic credentials and substantive career experiences to create a rich, interactive educational experience.

Our Programs

The Moser College of Adult and Professional Studies delivers its curricular programs in a specifically designed structure, deliberately oriented for working, adult learners. Whether you have little or no college credit, or an advanced degree, we will have an option to suit your needs.

Our associate's degree and bachelor's degree programs are conveniently offered through evening or weekend classes at Learning Centers in Naperville and Bellwood, in addition to a variety of locations throughout Chicagoland. Our Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program is also available to students looking for a competitive edge with an advanced degree.

Certified teachers who need to enhance their classroom tools and meet the demands of state standards will also find a field-based English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement.

Exemplifying our dedication to a well-rounded, educational experience for adult learners, we also offer online certificate programs in Human Resources Management and Sales & Sales Management.

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