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Software Requests for Image

The desktop team creates a new image for each fall term and modifies the existing image for each spring term. Over 200 pieces of software are installed, configured and tested to reduce issues and provide a consistent stable environment for faculty and students. This single image is created and copied to all the instructor workstations, computer labs, library and public use PCs. This assures that students will not have to move from PC to PC or lab to lab to complete their homework.

The process to build this image must start well in advance of the term it must be ready for. Requests for fall term need to be submitted by the previous April 30 (especially for faculty who will not be available over the summer). Requests for the spring term need to be submitted by the end of the previous November 30 to give time for the image to be adjusted and tested before deployment.

To request new software to be included in the next available image, send the following information by email to the Help Desk as early as possible.

  • Requestor Name
  • Department
  • Software Title
  • Software Version (other than most current)
  • Software Vendor
  • Vendor/Software website
  • Vendor Representative (Name and Contact info if applicable)

Also providing any of the info below with your request may help the process flow faster.

  • Funding - Indicate if the software is ‘freeware’ or will need to be purchased.
    • Software that requires purchase can take longer for approval (and obtaining the software with the correct licensing). Please attach the quote from the vendor, if you have obtained one. Site licenses must cover 400+ machines.
    • Trial software or software that expires prior to the end of the semester it is installed for will not be installed.
    • An RFP will need to be completed for software that requires purchase. It is a good idea to complete the IT review process first so you know the RFP is requesting the right solution.
  • Software agreements – Will need to be reviewed prior to installation (and frequently before purchase). If the agreement is not on their website, it may have to be requested from the vendor. Please include it along with your request if you have it.
  • Technical Specs - Some software has very specific requirements that may limit our ability to provide the software on our image (i.e. 64bit machine required, not Windows 8.0 compatible, etc…). Frequently these technical specs are available on the vendor website but if you are working with a vendor, ask them to send you copy of the technical specs as well.

Late requests, incomplete or incorrect information are common delays that keep software from getting on the image. If you have questions or need assistance with any stage of this process, please send an email with as much detail as you can to the Help Desk to open a ticket.

Contact Us


Phone: (630) 829-6684

Office: KN228

Help Desk Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Did You Know?

To lock your computer quickly, press Windows + l.

To minimize everything, press Windows + restore, press Windows + Shift + M.

To open "My Computer" quickly, press Windows + E.


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