25Live End User Training

We are excited to announce instructor-led training classes for 25Live. The class (offered on multiple dates)  is for all end users of 25Live.

Topics covered:

  • Using the Event Wizard to enter an event
  • Editing your own events
  • Requesting A/V, Facilities, and Catering resources
  • Using the 25Live Dashboard

The class is one hour in length and runs from 12:20 PM to 1:20 PM. Available dates are shown on the registration page:

Click here to register for 25Live End User training

How to Use the Event Wizard to Request Space - 25Live


How to Search for a Specific Event If You Have the ID Number


How to Create Searches in 25Live


How to Approve a Room Request



How Do I Log In?

There is no separate login credentials for 25Live. You can simply login with your current BenU user ID and password.

Click here to login (https://25live.collegenet.com/ben/).

Once you get to the login screen, you can press <Ctrl>D and bookmark the page to make it easier to access next time.

How do I choose the correct Event Type?

The Event Type should match as closely as possible to the type of event that you're hosting. If there isn't an exact match, use one that you feel most closely reflects your event's purpose.

The Event Type is mostly used when searching for events later on, so the most critical thing about it is that you be as consistent as possible in how you choose the type. For example, if you host a monthly speaker during lunch, don't use the Event Type of "Lunch" one month and then "Speaker" the next month. Use on or the other consistently. This makes is much easier for you to find your events.

Why should I enter an Estimated Head Count?

Although entering an Estimated Head Count is optional, it's strongly recommended that you put your best guess in.

Every location (room) in 25Live has a maximum capacity attached to it. For example, if you are expecting up to 40 people for your event but select "I Don't Know" just to be safe and then search for a space in Goodwin Hall, every available space will appear in the search result; including those rooms that can only hold 10 or 12 people and aren't large enough for your event.

By entering an estimated head count, you can limit location search results to those rooms that can accommodate at least the number that you've estimated.

What if my event repeats but the start and end times are different each time?

Repeating Events are for when your event occurs on multiple dates (regardless of whether it's the same event multiple times or one event over multiple days) but always at the same time.

If your event is on multiple dates and held at different times, you need to enter each occurence as separate events.

What is the additional time before and after an event?

The additional time before and after your event serves two purposes:

  • Setup (this is not visible to all users) - This adds an amount of time before or after your event that will be used for setup. Typically, Facilities or AV/IT will edit this portion for you once they know what kind of setup assistance will be required.
  • Pre- or Post-event - If you want to reserve the room before or after your event, this allows you to add that time to the reservation. This is often used for a reception or other informal portions of your event.

Both of these will add the the total amount of time that the room is reserved for but not for your event itself.


Example: You are having a speaker from 7:00 - 8:00 pm. You want to add a 30 minute window before the start of the event to let people buy the speaker's book and 60 minutes afterward for a book-signing and a "meet the speaker" time. Facilities needs 2 hours to set up the room and 1 hour after to take everything down.

In 25Live, you'll see that the event is still listed for one hour, but the room's reservation duration is 5½ hours:

2 hr setup + ½ hr pre-event + 1 hr event + 1 hr post-event + 1 hr takedown


What's the difference between the "Scheduler" and "Requester"?

For most events, you will be both the "Scheduler" and the "Requester". If, however, you're entering an event on behalf of someone, you should enter your name as the Scheduler (since you're the person scheduling the event) and the person who is wanting to reserve a sapce is the Requestor.

Both the Requester and Scheduler will receive a confirmation email once the event has been entered in the Event Wizard. If you check the box for either AV or Facilities Setup later in the Event Wizard, the person listed as the Scheduler will have a link in their email confirmation to fill out a form, asking them to provide further details about their event needs.

Which Category should I choose?

Categories are different from Event Types. Here are the guidelines for choosing a category:

  • The three-character number categories are exclusively for academic classes that are imported from PeopleSoft. These are not to be used when entering events into 25Live.
  • Academic event - these are events that are hosted by members of the faculty and that are academic in nature. Some examples could be ad-hoc lectures, seminars, academic committee meetings, etc. 
  • Auxiliary Services event (outside group) - this category is only for events being held by outside groups visiting the campus. If an academic event includes the general public but is still hosted by a faculty member, use the "Academic Event" category. Likewise, if an non-academic event includes the general public but is hosted by a Benedictine staff or faculty member, please use the "Non-Academic Event" category.
  • Non-academic event - this is for any and all events that are not academic in nature, not a student group-led/sponsored event, or for a non-Benedictine group. Most events by the Operations staff will be in this category.
  • Student group event - this category is exclusively for events being hosted by BenU student groups. 
How do the "Requirements" Work

The Requirements page allows you to notify various departments that your event needs additional services. By selecting any of the choices other than the first one – I don't need any additional services – an email will be automatically sent to the correct department  so that they're notified of your upcoming event. A representative from that department will be in contact with you to help finalize the details for your event.

  • A/V or IT equipment - this can include any type of technology that your event may need from mics and speakers to a laptop or projector.
  • Catering - this is if you want any food or beverage services.
  • Event setup assistance - this is for any and all items that you may need for your event. From chairs and tables to coat racks and garbage bins, to a stage or a flag, this option will have the Facilities department contact you to determine what your needs are.
  • Guest WiFi access - the IT department does have a generic guest WiFi for visitors to use but if you want a specific setup, IT can setup a user ID and login for you.

Please note that you must select on of the options on the page in order to complete your event reservation. If you don't need any additional services, select the first option, "I don't need any additional services".

What's the Event ID Code (e.g. 2018-ABCDEF)?

The Event ID Code is a unique number that is assigned to every event. Once you entered your event request, you'll see this number in the confirmation. It is strongly recommended that you record this number for future needs as it is the easiest way to search and locate your event later on:

  • If you're adding your event in an Outlook calendar meeting, include the code in the notes section of the meeting.
  • If you are keeping a physical file for your event, print out the confirmation email with the code and keep it in the file
  • If you keep a list of upcoming events/meetings on your desk or computer, put the code in parantheses beside the event.
I keep getting emails about "Tasks". What are those?

This applies to people assigned to be room approvers. If you're not sure if this applies to you or not, then it doesn't.

With the current setup 25Live at Benedictine University, the only "task" that yo'd be assigned is to approve or deny a room request. If you receive an email saying that you have a task assigned, it means that someone has requested to use a room/location that you have authority over.

Please log into 25Live and go to the Tasks panel (see the video in the "For Approvers" tab on this page).

If you are receiving task-assignment emails and believe that you shouldn't be, please contact the IT Help Desk at ext. 6684 (or 630/829.6684 from off-campus)

How quickly should I approve or deny a request?

The expectation that any room request is either approved or denied within two business days from the request submission.

This is why each group of approvers were asked to have at least two members, in case one of them  went on vacation or were otherwise unavailable to approve or deny the request.

Please note that the system administrators (there are currently three) are also able to approve or deny all requests. If a room request takes longer than three business days to be approved, an administrator may need to approve the room so that the requestor con continue with planning their event.

What's the easiest way to search for a location (room)?

There are three ways to search for available locations outside of the Event Wizard. Under the "For the End User" tab there is a video on searching for events. However, the process to search for locations is the same except that you access location searches from the Location tab.

Before you begin, please note that all room names and numbers begin with the two-character building code (see below).

  • Search For Locations (first tab) - if you know the exact room you want to see, type it here and click "Go". For example, to see the computer lab 311 in Goodwin Hall, type GN-311. If you want to see all the rooms in Goodwin Hall, just type GN- and click "Go".
  • Pre-Defined Location Searches - there are a number of searches that came with 25Live and you can access them here. For example, you could search by the category of CONF to find all the conference rooms on campus. Or search by room capacity, room features (windows, projector/screens), etc.
  • Advanced Location Search - this is the powerful functionality of 25Live where you can create your own custom searches. To use this, please watch the video in the "For the End User" section of this page.

Building Codes:

  • GN - Goodwin Hall
  • KC - Krasa Center
  • KN - Kindlon Hall
  • BK - Birck Hall
  • LH - Lownik Hall
  • RC - RIce Center
  • PG - Parking Garage
  • FW - Founders Woods
  • SL - Scholl Hall