Dalian Medical University

We are fortunate enough to work with Dalian Medical University to offer the Benedictine University master's of Public Health degree in Dalian, China.  Students will take courses taught by both DMU and BenU professors and complete their program with a Benedictine Univeristy degree.   

The program is a total of 16 courses, 8 taught by DMU professors and 8 taught by BenU professors.  Below is a list of courses that you will complete to obtain the Masters in Public Health degree. 

Courses taught by DMU Courses taught by BenU
MGMT 500-Accounting of Managers MPH 601-Health Behavior
MPH 511-Biostatistics MPH 603-Ethics
MPH 602-Public Health System MPH 605-Envrionmental Health
MPH 604-Eoidemiology MPH 606-Methods of Research
MPH 610-Health Policy  MPH 611-Public Health Biology
MPH650-Principles of Emergency and Disaster Management MPH 632-Public Health Education Methods     
MPH 690-Internship in Public Health  MPH 661-Management of Health Service
  MPH 690-Internship in Publich Health