Apply to be a J-1 Scholar

Application Process
  • Benedictine department informs IPS of possible scholar invitation.
  • Scholar mails Scholar Packet, Supporting DS-2019 required documents and Section A of Hiring Form to department. Supporting Documents include:
    • Copy of passport ID page and any renewal pages (and passport ID pages for dependents, if applicable).
    • Current resume/curriculum vitae.
    • Original documentation of financial support (bank statement or bank letter) and English translation.
    • Copies of diplomas and/or transcripts indicating degree(s) earned, plus English translation.
    • Signed Attestation forms.
    • Proof of health insurance that meets J-1 requirements.
  • Department issues formal invitation letter and delivers letter and Scholar Packet to IPS.
  • IPS verifies all documents and mails DS-2019 and invitation letter to scholar.
  • Scholar pays SEVIS fees and applies for visa in their home country.
  • Scholar requests housing and airport pick up through IPS.
  • Upon arrival to campus, you must immediately check in with IPS.
Financial Requirements

All visiting scholars must provide original proof of all sources of financial support prior to DS-2019 issuance. Financial support must include:

  • $2,000 (U.S. dollars) per month for the entire length of the visit.
  • An additional $700 (U.S. dollars) per month must be shown for an accompanying spouse.
  • An additional $350 (U.S. dollars) per month for each accompanying child.

Acceptable documentation for funds includes:

  • Original bank statement or bank letter showing funds accessible without penalty.
  • Original scholarship award letter.
  • Original funding government agency letter.
  • A combination of any of the three.
  • Each of these must be dated within the last six months. Be careful requesting these documents from your institution too early. They must be six months old or less when your DS-2019 is issued by Benedictine University.

    Non-acceptable documentation for funds includes:

    • Copies or printouts of statements or letters.
    • Salary statements.
    • Retirement accounts.
    • Stocks and bonds carry a penalty to liquefy.
    • List of assets.
    • Any document dated six months or more in the past.