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Study Abroad

Study Abroad FAQs

Q. How do I take care of my housing for the next semester? I plan to live in university housing, but I will not be at Benedictine during the room selection process.

A.  All housing arrangements must be made through the Residence Life Office. If you are abroad during fall and/or winter terms, Residence Life will reserve a room for you (although it may not be the same room or roommates you previously had) as long as you leave your security deposit with them. If you cancel your housing contract and request that your security deposit be returned, you will not have space saved for you next term.

Q. I receive financial aid. How will it be applied to my account? Will I receive any additional money because of the added expenses associated with study abroad?

A. International Programs and Services will submit your name, program and associated fees to the Financial Aid office after you have been admitted to the program. Financial aid reviews student allocations and may be able to additional funding to your program if you are eligible.  It is done on a case-by-case basis.

Q. How do I register for courses for the semester after I return?

A. Before departure, you must discuss with your academic advisor what courses you should take during the semester after your return to the U.S.  While, in most cases, the course schedules have not been published yet, your advisor should have an idea of what courses will be offered in your department, and should also be able to give you an idea of what types of courses you should take the semester you return to BenU.

When schedules are published, a notice will be sent from International Programs and Services. You will be able to register for the courses you chose by completing the following steps:

         1) Go to http://www.ben.edu/accountlogin.cfm

         2) Click on BenUConnect

         3) Sign in and click on MyBenU

         4) Register for courses as if you were using an on-campus computer

Q. How do I register for commencement if I will be graduating in the same academic year?

A. Whether you are going abroad in the Fall Semester, the Spring Semester, or for the entire academic year, there are items you will need to arrange prior to departure. Visit the following link to view the most up-to-date 'steps for graduation':


         1. Apply for Graduation 

         Fill out an application for graduation. (Please note: Fall Semester study abroad students must complete this application prior to departure due to the October deadline.)

         2. Order Your Cap and Gown

         If you will be participating in Commencement, please order your Cap and Gown from Herff Jones.

         3. Fill out the Response Card

         Fill out the Response Card online

         4. Attend the Graduation Fair

         Attend the Graduation Fair to pick up your cap and gown. (Please note: Spring Semester study abroad students must make other arrangements to pick up their cap and gown). 

         5. Print a full schedule of events

         Print out or make note of the schedule of events for the Commencement Convocation. 

Q. Who can participate in study abroad? 

A. Most programs are designed for students who have already studied at least 1 year at a university. Many programs require a GPA of at least 2.75, but some of the more competitive programs require a 3.0 GPA. Any major is able to study abroad.

Q. When should I start planning to study abroad?

A. Early planning is the key to successful study abroad. Hundreds of study abroad opportunities exist; they differ in location, duration, curriculum, language, degree of cultural immersion, cost, and many other factors. In order to find the program that is the right "fit" for your personal and academic objectives, you should begin planning your study abroad experience at least one semester before you actually depart.

Q. How long should I study abroad? 

A. It is possible to plan a study abroad experience for a summer, semester, or full academic year. There are even some short term travel study programs that last just a few weeks.

Q. When should I study abroad?

A. It is advantageous to undertake study abroad in your sophomore year in order to complete general education requirements. However, it is also possible to study abroad in your junior or senior year. Major requirements for graduation can make it more difficult to study abroad for a full semester during senior year. For this reason, it is usually advantageous to undertake study abroad during the sophomore or junior year. The Study Abroad Office advises on undergraduate study abroad opportunities only.

Q. How will I choose the program that is right for me?

A. The possibilities for study abroad are abundant. Before researching programs you will want to have made some preliminary decisions as to the type of experience you want to have. Start by realistically assessing your academic and personal preparation and your objectives.