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About Jennifer Hereth, Guest Curator

"Cosmic Blueprint: Archetypes in Contemporary Art"


"Cosmic Blueprint: Archetypes in Contemporary Art" is an exhibition and
collaboration with the Illinois Poet Society, Poets and Patrons of Chicago,
artists from across the hemisphere, and the College of DuPage,
that was exhibited at the Komechak Art Gallery at Benedictine Univerity.
Over 50 archetypes were exhibited, along with a writing by a poet.
The Illinois Poet Society and Poets and Patrons of Chicago
were given copies of the artworks and artist statements to develop poems for each work.
"Cosmic Blueprint: Archetypes in Contempoary Art" 
was guest curated by Jennifer Hereth, Professor Emerita, the College of DuPage
and she is the inventor of “The Teenage Archetype Carddeck,”
a threaputic tool used across the globe.

About the Teenage Archetype Carddeck

The Teenage Archetype Card Deck is designed to evoke conversation

and interpretation in a classroom or therapeutic setting with

archetype posters encouraging archetypal identification.


The deck came into existence after a tragic shooting by a 20 year old.

Hereth's reaction to the limited vocabulary expressed in

the shooter's last texts messages, "loser, burden and famous"

inspired her and her 100 art students to create and illustrate the deck; 

100% of the profits going to support teen causes.


Links and Contact Information for Jennifer Hereth


Artist Website:
Contact email:
Purchase Teenage Archetype Card Deck: 

All purchases go to the Bessie Coleman Aviation School for Girls

BenU Student Art Virtual Exhibition 2020


Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic:

The 2019-2020 Juried Student Art Exhibition

has been replaced with an Online Virtual Art Exhibition.



We at the Komechak Art Gallery recognize the losses, limitations, and obstacles

that our students at Benedictine University have had to face in fulfilling their

requirements to complete their coursework and their artwork.


One of the goals of higher education should always be to prepare

our students for the future and how to navigate strange and difficult times.

The foundation of that instruction should be built on flexibility.


We are proud of what our students have been able to accomplish in the face of adversity.

We are proud of what our students have been able to achieve in the face of hardship.

We are proud of how our students have faced these challenges and are persevering.

We proud to be able to show the artist how to succeed using creativity and imagination.


This virtual exhibition not only allows our students to be able share their work with

other students, faculty, and staff and the Benedictine University community,

it also allows the Komechak Art Gallery to show them the path of applying

that innovation, creativity and imagination in an effort to find solutions,

while allowing our students’ work to be viewed on a worldwide platform.


Komechak Virtual Exhibitions

Guest Curator: Jennifer Hereth

Student Art Virtual Exhibition

The Komechak Art Gallery is 
proud and honored to present 
the 2020 Annual
Student Art Exhibition.
This annual exhibition highlights artwork
produced by Benedictine University students
who were enrolled in Communications Arts,
Fine Arts, and Graphic Art & Design courses
in Fall 2019 to Spring 2020.


Virtual Exhibition:  BenU Permanent Art Collection

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