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Are you looking for a unique way to engage students in research? Dig into Ben U 's history and get your class involved with the Archives. We offer assistance to your students whether they are working in the Archives for class-wide assignment or on individual assignments. See our Research Topics page to get ideas on some of the possible topics that can be researched in our collections.

The Benedictine University Archives houses a number of collections that are useful for course projects. We encourage faculty to contact the Archives to discuss materials that are relevant to and available for assignments. Please contact us to schedule a class visit at either 630-829-6067 or Below are some examples of how the Archives might be used for research projects and/or class visits:

  • Women’s Studies – investigating how women’s issues experienced at Ben U relate to the women’s movement on a national level
  • Inquiry/Written Communication – analyzing print and digital materials to distinguish the differences, similarities, benefits, and drawbacks of both material types
  • Business: Marketing – studying college publications to discern how the idea of community was shared with perspective students, alumni, and donors
  • Journalism & Communications: Interviewing – completing oral history interviews with Ben U faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Public Policy and Civic Engagement – investigating social issues at Ben U to develop a public policy proposals and presentations
  • Historiography and Research Methods – researching various Ben U-related topics to write an in-depth historical analysis
  • Education – discussing tools, practices, and methods of using primary sources in social studies curriculum

Personal Research

The Archives holds a number of collections that are useful for your own research:

  • Committee Minutes – Are you serving on a committee and need access to committee minutes? The Archives has extensive holdings for college committees.
  • Departmental Histories - While the Archives does not have formal written histories for all departments, collections do include materials that can be used to research curriculum offerings, faculty, majors/minors, and more.
  • Photographs - A wide selection of photographs suitable for public relations and exhibits are available in the archives. High resolution digital scans of most of these are available by request. Browse our digital collections for a sampling.

Records Management

The Benedictine University Archives actively collects records of historical, legal, fiscal, and administrative value to the institution in both print and electronic forms. The University Archives is working with stakeholders to develop a Records Management Program that will facilitate the acquisition of these valuable records


Kindlon Hall - Lower Level 029
Monday-Friday - 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Phone: (630) 829-6067

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