Individual or Small Group Instruction

Small group or one-on-one instruction is generally done in the library. Appointments are preferred, especially for small group sessions. Instruction sessions can cover a wide range of topics: how to do research, how to develop search strategies, how to conduct database searches, how to search the Internet, etc.

Classroom Instruction

Classroom library instruction sessions are available for all academic disciplines.

  • The instructor of a course arranges in-class presentations with a librarian conducting the presentation in a computer classroom. If a computer classroom is not available arrangements must be made for a laptop and projector to be delivered to the classroom. An instruction session will not be offered without the appropriate computer support.
  • At least one week's advance notice is required to schedule an instruction session. Two or more weeks' advance notice is preferred.
  • The course instructor should be present during the library presentation.

Basic Instruction Sessions

Library instruction sessions are offered to traditional undergraduate students as part of their Basic Skills requirement in the following courses:

  • WRIT 101:
    • minimum 1 library instruction session
  • WRIT 102 Research Writing:
    • minimum 2 library instruction sessions for Biology and Social Science
    • minimum 1 library instruction session for Literature

Advanced Instruction Sessions

Upon faculty request library instruction sessions will be designed and taught for any undergraduate or graduate level course to discuss sources relevant to a specific subject area or a specific class assignment.

Instruction for adult, graduate and off-campus programs:

AABA: A librarian meets with each cohort on three occasions. During WRIT101, the librarian will provide an orientation to library services, and demonstrate the use of general academic electronic resources. During WRIT101, a librarian will meet with the students to provide a demonstration of the resources available to the students and discuss the use of the Internet for academic research. During WRIT102, the librarian will meet the students to re-familiarize them with the resources.

BAM: A librarian will meet with the cohort once during the second course. This session will register the students, introduce them to library services, and provide a demonstration of the library's resources.

MBA: A librarian will meet with the cohort once during the orientation. This session will introduce students to library services and provide a demonstration of the library's resources.

Field-Based MEd: A librarian will meet with the cohort during their orientation to introduce the students to the library's services. A librarian will meet with the cohort again during Research Methods (C&I) or in an early course (Type-75) to demonstrate the library's resources, particularly accessing the full text of ERIC documents.

Arrangements for traditional on-campus undergraduate instruction are made with Joan Hopkins at or (630) 829-6052.

Arrangements for adult and graduate, and off-campus programs are made with Kent Carrico at (630) 829-6055.


Tours are invited. Please contact Jack Fritts, University Librarian, at or (630) 829-6060 to arrange a tour.


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