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Brand Strategy

This section captures the key messages of our story, which we convey in all aspects of our brand. The strategy helps define who we are, why we exist, the audiences we serve and our unique role in higher education.


By understanding Benedictine University’s audiences and what our communications should achieve, we can better tailor our methods to reach them. While the needs of each group will vary, the BenU story should be consistent across audiences.

Internal Audiences

The Campus Community

University Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Coaches, Clergy

Current Students

Traditional, Transfer, Nontraditional, Online

Alumni and Friends


External Audiences

Traditional Prospective Students and Their Influencers


Nontraditional and Online Prospective Students


The Regional Public

Community Members, Employers, Partners

Message Map

What is an Attribute?

An attribute is what we offer the community. Attributes include products, services, knowledge and unique offers that we bring to the table.

What is a Benefit?

A benefit is what the community gets. It’s the value of the attributes that we offer: the answer to the question “so what?” or “why do we care?”.

What is Attribute and Benefit Mapping?

The attributes and benefits are organized into a hierarchy that builds up to the brand promise. They’re placed on a map to show how they all work together, and that the core attribute and core benefit are supported by additional proof points.

How to Use a Message Map

  • Used internally, the map serves as a framework to organize and convey all of our messages in a cohesive, consistent and compelling story.
  • It also functions as a tool for communicators who are charged with crafting content for the University.

Messaging framework flowchart showing how attributes and benefits combine into the Brand Promise

Messaging Map


Like a person, our brand has a personality made up of rational and emotional qualities. Each trait provides context for how we communicate. Together, these five characteristics will drive the voice and image for all BenU communications.


Willing to go above and beyond for the members of our community.


Endlessly curious and committed to the pursuit of truth.


Goal-oriented; finding alternative avenues to make something happen.


Accepting of all people and committed to embracing them within our community.


Able to thrive in uncertainty because we’re guided by our values.