Happy students framed by BenU banner

Graphic Elements

The Benedictine University brand has a variety of graphic tools that create a unique, recognizable look. These elements can be dialed up or down individually to heighten visual interest and enhance our storytelling.

The Elements

Our brand has a number of graphic tools that work together to differentiate us from our peers and create a distinctive look. When they’re used consistently, these elements create continuity within our family of materials, across a variety of media.

The photographs used in this section are for demonstration only and may not be approved or owned by the University.


Lines are an elementary graphic treatment, but by applying them deliberately, we can elevate a single design or family of communications. Be thoughtful about the use of lines by establishing a common weight throughout an entire piece of collateral.

Solid Line

Line thickness example showing 0.5pt minimum and 2.0 pt maximum width


The banner shape element, drawn from our master brand logo, is always used as is shown here.

Request Banner Graphic Element

Banner shape element


Use any color from the color palette when using the banner element. Use the color at full tint. Do not add any other stylistic modifications such as drop shadows.

Diagram showing scaling the banner shape element scaling proportionally


To maintain the object’s proportions as it scales, hold down the “Shift” key as you drag the cursor diagonally.


Never rotate the banner.

Diagram showing improper rotations of the banner


This element may also be used as a container for photography or typography.

Typography Example

Outlined banner

Outline the banner

Typeset text with white background

Fill the text box with white

Outlined banner with typeset text placed over it

Place the text box on top of the banner

Photography Example

Portrait photo of student to be put in the banner element

Choose a photo

Banner shape element

Use the banner element

Portrait of student framed in banner shape

Copy and paste to place the photo into the banner element


The banner may also be used as a framing device, to highlight an individual within a photo.

Photo of student to be framed with banner outline

Choose a Photo

Banner shape outline frame

Select the banner outline

Photo of student with face framed by banner outline

Place the outline of the banner on the photo and frame the subject

Portrait of student framed in banner shape

Choose a photo and apply the banner container element

Banner shape outline

Select the banner outline and resize it to 95% of the container size

Portrait of student framed in banner with interior outline accent

Place the outline of the banner on the photo and frame the subject


Our pattern element reflects our Catholic and Benedictine tradition; it works well particularly with alumni materials. Incorporate this element as a background texture, always using the provided pattern files.

Three examples of the pattern on different background colors

Request Pattern Graphic Element

The pattern can be set over a white or colored background. The pattern color can also be altered in Illustrator, but the effect should always be subtle. Look to these examples as a starting point.

Example of pattern use on postcard and envelope interior