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 Graduates embracing, framed by the BenU Banner

Our brand is how we tell our story.

And our story isn’t just the words we use, the banners we unfurl or the traditions we hold dear. It’s all those things and more, working together to create a distinctive look, feel and voice that people will immediately recognize as Benedictine University’s. The guidelines outlined here help us tell our story consistently, whether we’re talking to prospective students, alumni or friends.

What is a brand?

In recent years, branding in higher education has become critical to engaging audiences, shifting perceptions and communicating a university’s mission to the world. With our brand, Benedictine University has the power to educate and inspire, and so does our story.

As a member of the BenU community, you are a brand ambassador who supports the Benedictine brand and ensures its consistency to all audiences. We ask that at a minimum you:

  • Attend brand trainings.
  • Ensure all communications fall within the brand guidelines outlined here.
  • Refer to the University using only the approved names: Benedictine University or BenU.
  • Send all external facing materials to the Office of Marketing and Communications for review before printing or posting online.
  • Ensure that all marketing and communications products and services purchased are routed for approval to the Office of Marketing and Communications through ePro.
  • Support the Office of Marketing and Communications as they develop brand assets. This may include organized photo shoots and requests for statistics or quotes.

A brand is:

The promise we make to our audiences.

The essence of our organization.

The experience we create.

The personality we convey.

The message we deliver.

The identity we express.

It captures and communicates our distinct mission and culture.

It makes who we are as an institution better known and understood.

It builds pride and inspires faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Most of all, our brand helps us tell our authentic story. Our online guidelines define and describe the various parts of the BenU brand, and offer examples of how we bring it to life across our institution and through our communications. Ours is a living brand, and accordingly, this is a living document. The principles and guidelines set forth here are a map and a guidebook, but there are an infinite number of ways to tell our story.

Bringing the brand to life

The BenU brand draws, on a collection of elements that together create the look and feel of the entire brand experience. Our colors, typography, photography, graphic elements and voice combine to create a strong, unique image for the University. By tailoring these elements for each piece we create, and by using these tools consistently, everything we design contributes to a much larger whole.

The following examples show how existing communications might be reimagined with the new BenU brand. They appear here for inspiration only. Similarly, the photographs used are for demonstration only and may not be approved or owned by the University.

Campus Banners

Outdoor campus banner inspiration examples

 Outdoor campus banner inspiration examples

Viewbook inspiration example

Viewbook inspiration example

Viewbook inspiration example

Viewbook inspiration example

Viewbook inspiration example

Viewbook inspiration example

Viewbook inspiration example

Viewbook inspiration example

Facebook Canvas Ad

 Sample Facebook canvas ad inspiration

Download Sample Canvas Ad (PDF)