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July 29, 2013

University Notes


Back by popular demand, the Plain White T's with opening act Vicci Martinez are performing at this year's BenFest on Saturday, August 24. Tickets are on sale now for $30 per ticket. Ticket buyers can choose to sit in the football stadium seats or stand on the track. All tickets can be purchased at or from Nicole Placek in Krasa Center, Room 175C. For information, call (630) 829-6406.

Dorm Photos 06-14-13 (29)

Students who live in Ondrak, Jaeger and Neuzil Halls beginning in the fall will be greeted by new furniture. Jaeger and Ondrak Hall residents will enjoy new twin XL-size bunkable beds with approximately 16¼ inches of space underneath, double-drawer wood wardrobes, maple desks and upholstered two-position chairs. Each Neuzil Hall suite will feature two new twin XL-size bunkable beds, two four-drawer wood chests that can be unstacked and used as two-drawer chests, maple desks and upholstered two-position chairs. For more information, visit


"Get Your Faith On!" Get your faith on during Welcome Weekend by getting involved in a religious activity on campus. Pick a day and come get a really cool mood cup. Participate and get a "Get Your Faith On" T-shirt. The schedule for Welcome Weekend follows:

Sunday, August 25
8:00 p.m. - First Catholic Mass of the school year, Kindlon Hall, Fourth Floor
9:00 p.m. - Ice Cream Social, Kindlon Hall, Fourth Floor

Monday, August 26

7:00 p.m. - Catholic Liturgical Ministers Training, Kindlon Hall, Fourth Floor
9:00 p.m. - Protestant Board Welcomes You (ice cream will be served), Kindlon Hall, Fourth Floor

Tuesday, August 27
12:00 p.m. - Quad Day, sign up for Muslim and Hindu Student Associations, Krasa Quad

Wednesday, August 28

12:00 p.m. - Meet Ministry on the quad as part of Resource Day, Krasa Quad

Thursday, August 29

11:00 a.m. - Convocation Mass, St. Procopius Abbey

The Benedictine University Library's summer hours will continue through Sunday, August 25. The library's summer hours are: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday (research assistance will be available on the third floor from 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.) and 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on Fridays (research assistance will be available on the third floor from 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m.). The library is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. For information about other dates, go to
Denim Days are back. Donate $5 per Friday to the College of Business Building or the General Scholarship Fund and wear jeans to work on Fridays through August 23. Applies to new donations only. Current donors can increase their donations accordingly to become eligible. For more information, contact Jill Poskin at (630) 829-6366 or Participants are responsible for securing supervisor permission before participating.

Boys and girls ages 5-13 are invited to spend a fun-filled summer week at Benedictine's Summer Fun Day Camp. Activities include games, sports, computers, fishing, movies, reading and arts and crafts. The camp runs Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. The cost for Benedictine employees is $135 per week (five days per week), $108 for four days per week and $81 for three days per week. The only session remaining is August 5-9. For information, visit the website at or contact Marita Hyde at or (630) 829-6019.

Publicity announcements of general interest to faculty, staff and/or the student body of the University by academic units, University departments and/or student organizations are the only type of material(s) allowed to be posted on University property. Outside agencies must advertise via the Candor. Community announcements can be posted on the community board located in the lower level stairwell of Krasa Student Center. Career Development will distribute job opportunity announcements. All announcements must meet the educational goals and promote the mission of the University. Before posting a publicity announcement, please refer to the University's policy located here: S:\University Info\Policies and Procedures\Posting Publicity Announcements Policy.docx. Any announcements found in violation of this policy will be removed and discarded.

Parent Programs offers a one-stop service for parents of Benedictine University students. The program responds to parent inquiries and provides information on a variety of issues to facilitate communication between parents and the University. For assistance, please contact Hope Keber, parent liaison, at or (630) 829-1127.

Giving back is always truly appreciated. Consider donating $50 or more by cash or check to the University as a new, one-time donation. Donors giving $50 or more will receive a leather coaster set commemorating the University's 125th anniversary. Please return your completed form with cash or check to Jill Poskin at Lownik Hall, Room 019. For more information, or to give via credit card, please contact Jill Poskin at (630) 829-6366 or To those of you who already generously give, "Thank you." For others who are thinking about giving for the first time, please do so. Any amount helps and you can choose where your donation will be designated.

When you do a search on the Internet, use the search engine "" Every time you use, the proposed church and ministry center receive $.01. In the box "I am supporting," type "Benedictine," in the drop down menu click on "Benedictine University, Lisle, IL;" then type in your search data. There is now an additional way you can use "," by downloading the "Goodsearch" toolbar at If you have any questions, contact Fr. Philip Timko, O.S.B. at (630) 829-6029 or

A Taizé prayer service is held on the third Friday of the month at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 22 W. 415 Butterfield Road in Glen Ellyn. Call (630) 469-1394 for more information. A Taizé prayer service is also held on the first Friday of the month at Ascension Church, 815 S. East Ave. in Oak Park. Call (708) 524-1540 or visit: For more information about Taizé prayers, call Sr. Christine Kouba, O.S.B., at (630) 725-6073.

Campus Recreation

Work Out. Earn Points. Get Gear.
The “I Got Rec’d” Incentive Program at Benedictine Fitness Center encourages an active lifestyle with the motivation of earning free prizes. To earn points, just attend a Campus Recreation activity such as a group fitness class. Get your card punched and you’re on your way. Every punch card you complete earns you a bigger and better prize. For more information, visit or pick up a pamphlet and a free punch card at the Benedictine Fitness Center front desk. If you have any additional questions, contact Emily Payne at or (630) 829-6107.

Healthy Table

Add Some Color to Your Plate!

Are you getting sick of the same meal routine? Change up your plate with some color.

Phytochemicals are natural compounds that give plants their color and have enormous amounts of health benefits. By eating more varieties of fruits and vegetables with different colors, you will be getting a these phytochemicals to help improve your health.

What do the colors mean?

Red: Lycopene is the phytochemical that is in red fruits and veggies. Lycopene has many health benefits like reducing the risk of cancer. Examples of these foods are tomatoes, red peppers and watermelon.

Orange/yellow: Carotenoids are phytochemicals in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. This phytochemical can aid in the maintaining of eye health. Try adding fruits and vegetables with like sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe and oranges to your diet to get your recommended amount of carotenoids!

Green: Lutein is a phytochemical in green fruits and vegetables which can also health keep eyes healthy. Foods like spinach, green peppers, peas and kiwi all contain this chemical.

Anthocyanins are in blue and purple fruits and vegetables. This phytochemical can protect against cellular damage, reduce risk of cancer and stroke, improve memory and help with healthy aging. Add foods like blueberries, plums and red cabbage to your diet to get this powerful phytochemical.

White/tan: Allicin is a phytochemical in white and tan fruits and vegetables which can aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. This phytochemical is also help with the reducing the risk of stomach cancer and heart disease. Including food likes bananas, cauliflower, garlic and onions is vital in getting this phytochemical in your diet.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the following members of the University community for the days of July 29-August 30:

John Schade-July 29, Business and Finance Services                   
Paul Giordano-July 29, Information Technology                   
Robyn Morgan-July 30, University Services
Kelly Kandra-August  1, Psychology /Sociology   
Julie Moreschi-August 1, Nutrition
Joan Hopkins-August  2, Benedictine Library   
Egle Liutkus-August 2, Nutrition
Peter Seely-August  2, Communication Arts   
Mark Zonca-August  2, Marketing and Communications   
Anthony DeLegge-August  3, Mathematics and Computational   
Jody Conidi-August 4, Marketing and Communications
Nicole Scola-August  5, Information Technology
Jacqueline Salinas-August 6, Admissions
Junzi Hou-August 7, International Programs and Services
Eileen Kolich-August 7, Teacher Education Preparation   
Richard Campbell-August 8, Teacher Education Preparation   
Margaret Kipta-August 8, Nursing and Health
Mark McHorney-August 10, Athletics   
Sally Shore-August 10, School of Education   
Ninamarie Smith-August 11, Information Technology
John Carroll-August 12, International Programs and Services   
Therese Yaeger-August 12, Organizational Behavior   
John Ostrowski-August 13, Baseball   
Cynthia Kuck-August 14, Teacher Education Preparation
Rosemarie Fisk-August 14, College of Sciences   
Susan Swanson-August 16, Dining Services
Alphonse Sarno III-August 18, Athletics
Bernard Toussaint-August 18, Philosophy   
James Kluckhohn-August 18, Women's Track and Field
Julie Cosimo-August 18, Career Development   
Vicki Jobst-August 18, Undergraduate Business and Management   
Anne Baysinger-August 19, New Student Advising Center   
Kevin Lynch-August 19, Center for Values-Driven Leadership
Tanya Crum-August 20, Biology
Cindy Ketner-August 21, Business and Finance Services   
Michael Manning-August 21, Center for Values-Driven Leadership
Marita Hyde-August 22, Auxiliary Enterprises   
Kaitlin Walsh-August 23, Admissions
Hazel Williams-August 27, Student Life
Melissa Mouhelis-August 27, Career Development   
Alexandra Rosborough-August 30, New Student Advising Center   
Jennifer Wildes-August 30, Women's Volleyball   

If your birthday was omitted, please call the Office of Marketing and Communications at ext. 6090.

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