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Frank Davenport, C59
St. Procopius College
Las Vegas, Nev.

"One of my most distinct memories? The day students routinely passed the lunch hour playing shuffleboard in Jaeger Hall. One fellow student – I believe the name was Vladimir Kesman would frequently want to mooch a bite from my lunch sandwich. After a number of such "moochings," I decided to curtail it, so I arranged for my friend, Joe Hernandez, to provide me with a hot Mexican chili pepper. I placed the pepper in the corner of my sandwich and offered said corner to the biter at the next mooching occurrence. One bite and two cheers later, I heard a gasp, and I believe I saw a hint of steam emanate from the moocher's mouth…finis mooching! That's one recollection from the good ole Proco days. Vlad, I have no idea where you are. Wherever, 'Peace, fellow Procopian.'"

Quentin Davis
Sociology, C96
Miami, Fla.

"When I first arrived at Illinois Benedictine College, there were only 12 African-Americans on campus, 10 guys and two girls. (Former Benedictine President Richard) Dr. Becker wanted to increase minority enrollment, so he asked me if I would attend recruitment events in the city of Chicago to talk with potential applicants. I agreed to go and I went every chance I could get. Minority enrollment on campus more than doubled. Also, we felt we needed a club, part of student government, that would help incoming minorities adjust to campus life at IBC, so we started the Union of Minority Students."

James Campagna
St. Procopius College, 1966-67
Crown Point, Ind.

"Although I was only at St. Procopius for a very short time, I did have one very memorable moment. In April 1967, 30 of us students collected $500 for Muscular Dystrophy and ran from Springfield, Ill. to Chicago to present the check to Mayor Richard J. Daley. We each ran for a mile then switched to another runner. We all ran about eight miles. On the last mile, all 30 of us left the bus and ran down State Street in Chicago."