Competitive Clubs


The BenU Mesa Acapella club participates in many events on campus and within the community. They will perform at sporting events, on-campus productions and compete in tournaments and events acrss the west coast.

Open to all students


Women's Badminton will compete with local and national colleges and universities. They will also compete in open leagues and tournaments.

Open to all students


Bowling was recently announced as an emerging NAIA sport that will soon qualify for national championship status. Team will compete in collegiate and open leagues and tournaments.

Open to all students


Competitive business club (including entrepreneurship, finance, accounting and much more). Helps create business connections and networking — regional and national conferences, internships and post-graduation career opportunities.

Open to all students


Competes in TESPA League
Member of NACE (National Association of Collegiate eSports)
Team in Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League and more! 

Open to all students interested in competitive gaming experience


Member of USA Ultimate
Will compete in USA Ultimate College open division — program will eventually have both men's and women's teams.

Open to all students


Competitive forensics program will compete with other colleges and universities across the west coast and nation.

Open to all students

For more information, contact:

Frank Woodford
Student Athlete Services — NAIA Compliance

(480) 878-6711

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