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Masters of Tomorrow                                                            Art Exhibition & Scholarship Competition

Opening Reception 

March 2, 2019
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Elexia Villa — Raku Vase
Isabella Frias — In the Darkness There is Light
Jakob Leon — Tea Set
Keely Valadez — Loss
Kyle Gerdes — Peace Between Worlds | Bears Aren't the Only Ones Who Love Honey
Yamilet Chaparro — Kitsuni
Zahra Dyse — Balance
Zaira Castillo — The Power of Roses
Siena Hooper — Foggy Morning of Hieroglyphs Trail
Dana Corbo — Ode 1 | You're Cooked | The Freshman - Self Portrait
Emmalee Lunt — Aqua Succulent
Brenda Kochevar — The Buzz 
Lauren McCaulou — Robin Hood | Postage Stamps
Rachel Self — Duet in the Key of Dee | Junk Drawer
Megan Shreeve — Rabbit Series | The Wounded Lion | Lion Series
Tia Clark — Johnny Boy | Kidney Failure | Behind the Mirror
Caleb Bessman — Romanesco
Carlos Chayrez — Lego
Christian Lopez — Short Stop
Braden Morgan — Bubble Ducky
Gissel Cardenas — 9 3/4 | Carry On
Hana Cofield — The Bridge of Hope
Andrew Boadilla — American Dream
Jaime Padilla — Vida de Agua
Belle Jackson — Rear View
Keyana Toure — In God We Trust
Macey Hessel — Feathers
Madilyn Heaton — Summer Nights | Stained Glass Window
Marcos Alameda — Quick
Merinda Cervantes — Close Up
Michaela Dietz — Scattered
Miguel Ramos — Sky Break
Natalia Doyle — Lighten Up Buttercup
Yenifer Macias Lopez — Out of the Dark
Taylor Dancil — Little Soldier Boy | Tea | Consumption
Elijah Tribby — Monster Clay, Rebound 25 Silicone, Freeform Air Epoxy, Smooth Cast Resin,        Acrylic Paints | Matthew 21: 28-32 
Jennifer Feuerstein — Fish in the Sky | Fish in the Streets
Jude Battaglino — Untitled | Untitled
Katharine Lobas — Self Portrait | Pair of Shoes
Shawn McCullough — State of Emergency
Aurora Hanchett — Black and White Western
Emma Luken — Illiteracy | Twenty-Nineteen
Joslyn Johnson — Lions Life
Nicole Hartley — 1000 | Ocean's Path
Camille Abele — Not for Sale
Madeleine Williamson — Yearbook Spread
Marita Carter — Of Man Fish
Austin Barela — Reflecting | Untitled | Nate

Please Observe the Following Dates:

Deliver Artwork to Benedictine University:

Deliver artwork on February 19-23.  BenU Mesa will hang the artwork.  Your artwork must be physically delivered to campus to be considered for the prizes.  Please contact Michael Tole at if you have a conflict with these dates. 
Opening Reception/Awards Ceremony at Benedictine University:
On Saturday, March 2 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. we will host an opening reception for the art show, and an awards ceremony for the prize winners.  We strongly encourage you to attend as the prize winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.  Food and beverages will be provided.  Dress is business casual.  You may bring as many guests as you wish.
Our address is:
Benedictine University Mesa
225 E. Main St. 
Mesa, AZ 85201
Digital photos or files should be printed in hard copy form.  The size of the photos should be chosen by the artist to correspond to their intentions, however, printing at larger scale tends to get a greater notice from judges.  Therefore, we suggest that photographers print their work as large as possible without losing picture quality.  We encourage all 2D work to be matted, mounted to a board, or framed, for its own protection.  If work is not matted, it will be displayed using pins to pinch it to the wall.  This will not create holes in the work.
Thank you for participating in the Masters of Tomorrow Competition.

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: Midnight, Feb. 10
  • Finalists Announced: Feb. 18
  • Deliver Artwork: Feb. 19-23
  • Opening Reception: March 2, 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Exhibition: Feb. 25 - March 8
  • Pick-Up Artwork: 8-5pm, March 11-16


Best Fine Art Work: 50% tuition scholarship to Benedictine University Mesa.

Best Graphic Design Work: 50% tuition scholarship to Benedictine University Mesa.

2nd Prize, High School: $500 cash prize, and artwork will be accepted into the permanent collection of the Benedictine University Art Museum.

2nd Prize, Community College: $500 cash prize, and artwork will be accepted into the permanent collection of the Benedictine University Art Museum.



Michael Tole, click HERE for bio.
Chelsea Walter, click HERE for bio.
Patty Haberman, click HERE for bio.

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