The BenCard is Benedictine University at Mesa’s faculty, staff and student identification card. Every Benedictine student, faculty and staff member is issued a BenCard, which serves as your official University photo identification card – plus a whole lot more.

*Example of Student BenCard

The BenCard is required as identification when using University facilities or participating in University-sponsored events.

You can also use your BenCard to perform banking functions at any Plus ATM merchant nationwide when you activate our BenCard to become your U.S. Bank ATM card.

The BenCard is user-friendly, multi-functional and secure. All students, staff and faculty are issued a BenCard regardless of their banking choice.

All students, faculty and staff must have their PeopleSoft ID number with them when picking up a BenCard. Students should contact the Gregory Enrollment Center at (602) 888-5500 if an ID number is needed.

Human Resources will email faculty and staff their ID number. Please contact Theresa Oldham in Human Resources for more information.

The BenCard is yours to use, but it remains the property of Benedictine University at Mesa. The card may be used for such purposes as the University designates and may be revoked at any time. It is not transferable under any condition and should not be used by any other individual at any time. This card must be carried at all times while on University property. The card must be presented and/or surrendered upon demand by University officials; failure to do so, lending of this card to anyone, or other misuse, is a violation of this policy and may result in suspension of the card. The card is void upon termination of enrollment and/or employment. 

If your BenCard is lost, there is a reprinting fee/replacement cost of $50.

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