Welcome to the National Moser Center for Adult Learning at Benedictine University.

Our History

The Benedictine monks of St. Procopius Abbey founded Benedictine University in 1887, as St. Procopius College. The Benedictine Order bears the name of St. Benedict, born in 480, who is acknowledged as the father of western monasticism. In 528 he established the famed monastery of Monte Cassino. Standing in that long tradition of learning, the Benedictines of St. Procopius Abbey founded the College in Chicago, securing its charter from the State of Illinois in 1890.

The first building in Lisle was dedicated in September 1901. It was gradually expanded in the 1920’s with new buildings added in 1950. The College was originally founded for men of Czech and Slovak descent and in the early years most of the students were from those ethnic groups. The College became coeducational in 1968. Most Benedictine students are from the Chicago area and Illinois, although 50 states and more than 15 foreign countries are represented.

Our Values

Benedictine University is grounded in the spirit of the founders who based their lives and work on St. Benedict’s “Rule for Monks” written in the early sixth century. The University continues to build its educational life on the same values that have aided Benedictine men and women in living a fulfilled life.

  • A search for God by oneself and with others.
  • A tradition of hospitality.
  • An appreciation for living and working in community.
  • A concern for the development of each person.
  • An emphasis on a life lived in balance.
  • A dedication to responsible stewardship of all things.
  • A commitment to academic excellence.

Central to the Benedictine tradition is the celebration of community as a gathering of people who share a commitment to a common mission. The University strives to develop an academic community that supports each person in the pursuit of knowledge and personal development. This undertaking is achieved through a life enriched by an atmosphere in which the individual’s interest is tempered by concern for the common good.

Our Vision

Benedictine University is a Catholic University in the Benedictine Tradition that Provides a Values-Centered Liberal Arts Education Enriched by Our Excellence in Science.

At this Catholic and Benedictine institution, our primary goal is teaching and learning. Our teaching does not stop with the current trends in pedagogy or technology. It builds on our moral and ethical Catholic tradition and our values-driven Benedictine heritage.

Our Community

The University community assists students in becoming responsible people who will make positive contributions to society. The Benedictine University community provides instruction, counsel, and life experiences that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and cultivation of skills to:

  • Communicate effectively, within and across cultural boundaries.
  • Reason and make informed judgments.
  • Identify and solve problems independently and cooperatively.
  • Develop a sense of intellectual curiosity and a desire for lifelong learning.
  • Understand the content, methodology and interrelationships of specific areas of study.
  • Pursue and communicate the truth.
  • Confront and resolve ethical issues and contribute to the work of social justice.
  • Benefit from diversity of opinion, abilities, and cultures.
  • Value the interdependence of cultures and nations.
  • Exhibit stewardship toward self and environment.
  • Strive for life lived in balance.
  • Foster appreciation and individual development of creative expression.