Adult Accelerated General Education

Adult Accelerated General Education (AAGE) courses provide undergraduate students with the needed foundation for entry into adult accelerated learning team bachelor’s degree completion programs, and conveniently assists current adult students with meeting University graduation requirements, such as elective courses. Once students meet basic skills and prerequisites, they may enroll in a bachelor’s degree learning team which can be completed in approximately 20 months. Courses are offered in both blended and fully online formats.

Program Overview

 Number  Title
 ACCT 111  Accounting I
 ACCT 112  Accounting II
 BIOL 180  Ecology of a Changing Planet
 CMSC 100  Introduction to PC Software Applications
 CMSC 180  Introduction to Computing (2 cr.)
 CMSC 184  Microsoft Excel Laboratory (1 cr.)
 ECON 101  Principles of Macroeconomics
 ECON 102  Principles of Microeconomics
 FNAR 100  Art Appreciation
 HIST 112  U.S. History Since 1865
 IDS 202  Catholic and Benedictine Intellectual Traditions: Sustainability/Stewardship
 IDS 304  Human Dignity/Common Good: Sustainability/Stewardship and Global
 INTB 101  Global Economy
 MGT 150  Business Statistics I
 MGT 217  Group Dynamics & Learning Strategies
 MGT 270  Employee Law
 MUSI 104  Music Appreciation
 PHIL 245  General Ethics
 PHIL 260  Social and Political Philosophy
 PHYS 106  Astronomy
 PLSC 102  American Government
 PLSC 105  Law and Politics
 PSYC 100  Survey of Psychology
 RELS 285  Religion in America
 WRIT 101  Person in Community
 WRIT 102  Research Writing
 SPCH 110  Speech Communications
 MATH 095  Intermediate Algebra
 MATH 105  Finite Mathematics

All courses are three (3) credit hours unless otherwise stated. Some courses require pre-requisite(s) completion prior to enrollment.

Course information is subject to change; see Undergraduate Catalog and AAGE Schedule(s).