Frequently Asked Questions

How many semester hours do I need to transfer to Benedictine?
We offer programs for adults with all levels of education. Each program has its own requirements so please visit the Admission Requirements page to see which programs you qualify for.

What is the minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA)?
The minimum GPA is 2.0 / 4.0 (without previous probation or dismissal) for all majors and 3.0 / 4.0 (without previous probation or dismissal) for M.B.A. and M.Ed.

What if I do not meet the admission criteria?
You will be required to submit a personal statement explaining your academic history and why you believe you will be successful if admitted. A letter of recommendation from an academic or professional contact is also required. Contact your admission counselor for more specifics.

How many of my hours will transfer to Benedictine?
We are Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) compliant; therefore any IAI course will transfer to Benedictine. There is no maximum and credits will be examined on a course-by-course basis.

When can I enroll to Benedictine?
We have rolling admissions, therefore you can start at any time or any semester (fall, spring or summer) depending on when the next learning team convenes. 

How often do classes meet?
See the course schedules for details

Which campus do I attend?
Branch campuses are located in Springfield, Illinois and Mesa, Arizona and Illinois learning centers are located in Bellwood and Naperville. Programs may also be offered at other off-site locations near students' home or work.

How many hours must I take at Benedictine if I transfer?
need 120 hours to graduate — 55 hours must be completed at a four-year college. Other graduation requirements will be determined on an individual basis.

Can I have an unofficial evaluation of my current credits from other colleges and universities?
Yes. Just schedule an appointment with an Admission Counselor.

Will my GPA transfer?
No. Your GPA will start over as soon as you begin your academic career at Benedictine.

How much is the application fee?
Our application fee is $40. However, we waive the fee if a student visits campus before they apply.

Does Benedictine University offer financial aid?
Yes, you can receive financial aid here at Benedictine University by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Benedictine’s FAFSA code is 001767.

My employer provides tuition reimbursement. Do I have to pay up front?
No. You can make arrangements with Student Accounts to make payment after receipt of your tuition reimbursement.

Do I qualify for any scholarships?
The adult undergraduate programs are offered at a reasonable tuition rate so there are no institutional awards for students enrolled in these programs.

Do I have to transfer all of my credits and submit all of my official transcripts to Benedictine?
Yes, you must submit all official transcripts from every college or university you have attended. This information is necessary for a complete academic history and failure to disclose all previous college information will result in immediate denial of admissions, revoking of admission or dismissal from the university.

How can I request more information about Benedictine University or schedule a campus visit?
Submit the Information Request Form online or call the Adult Accelerated Enrollment Center at (877) 353-9622.

What is a Learning Team?
A Learning Team is comprised of a group of students who progress through a program as a community rather than as individuals. The sense of community with peers, professors and college personnel intensifies as students advance forward. As each learning team moves through the program, students develop powerful relationships which become a support network.

How long will it take me to earn my degree?
The length of the program depends on the amount of your transferable credit and on the number of classes you are required to take for degree completion. For an unofficial evaluation of your transfer credit, contact your Admission Counselor.

What is considered full time and part time?
12-to-18 hours per semester is considered full time, anything less than 12 semester hours is considered part time.

Does Benedictine University award credit for Advanced Placement (AP) or CLEP exams?
Yes, but it varies on subject matter and test scores.

What is Benedictine's job placement rate?
We have a 96 percent placement rate for undergraduate students and a 93 percent placement rate for graduate students.

Does Benedictine have any alumni who I might recognize?
Yes. Notable Benedictine alumni include former Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan, C68; Bill Callahan, C78, head football coach at the University of Nebraska; and David Reynolds, C82, writer of Walt Disney’s animated feature "The Emperor's New Groove."

Does Benedictine offer any special assistance for students who require academic assistance outside of the classroom?
Yes. We offer assistance through the Study Zone, Writing Workshop, Math in the Afternoon and tutoring. The Student Success Center can also provide other accommodations for students with diagnosed learning disabilities.

Can classes be offered through my employer or at my workplace?
Yes, in most cases! Please contact our Enrollment Development office at (630) 829-1387 to learn more about hosting on-site learning teams.