Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum Student Advisory Board


The JSNM Student Advisory Board (SAB) was formed in January 2015 to promote open and honest communication between the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum staff and the Benedictine University student body. Student advisors increase BenU student engagement by advising museum staff of student interests, advocating for the JSNM mission, and promoting museum resources and events. The SAB infuses the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum with the student perspective while allowing students to gain valuable skills in leadership and teamwork as well as decision making and strategic planning.

JSNM SAB Members 2017-2018

     Mike Skora

Vice Chair:
     Furkhan Ali

     Rachel Carlson

    Anthony Koncius
    Maddie Kreiss
    Joanna Pilipczuk
    Nathan Tuskan
    Omar Jafry
    Sajina Jacob
    Katelyn Paulsen
    Aubrie Hodo
    James Jestus
    Stephanie Phillips
    Christian Estrada
    Charleen Mascote
    Aisha Baggia
    Kalvin Encarnacion
    Hana Rafat
    Jafar Muhammad
    Nicolette Vanderwarren

If you have any suggestions for the JSNM SAB advisors, please email JuricaSuchyMuseum@ben.edu with a subject line of "JSNM SAB Inquiry". All questions and comments will be answered by the Chair of the JSNM SAB in a timely manner. Please feel free to suggest activities, exhibits, or other programs that the advisors of the JSNM SAB could bring to the museum staff members for consideration.


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